Mar 29, 2014

Leadership Data Binder Night Was Awesome and TPT Sale Begins

Our school is a Leader In Me School.  We just wrapped up Leadership Data Binder night.  This was a night that the students were able to come back with their parents to share their Data Binders with them.  The students were so excited for this to happen!  The parents were just as excited to see the progress.  My job was just to walk around and smile as each child took on the leadership roles that we have talked about each day with our 7 habits.
I did upload a video from our special night on my class's Facebook page.  Here is a link to our page: Mrs. Drerup's Kindergarten TEAM.
It was a great ending to the start of spring break.  We are headed to Sanibel Island to take in some relaxation and of course some sun/beach time!!

These smiles definitely made my evening!!!

One of my goals this year was to stay on top of my Data Binders and not get behind...well I finally did it.  I will post pictures of our Data Binders.  I also had the kids share their collection on Daily Journals since the first day of school and this was a HUGE show of growth since the first day of school.

Woo-Hoo It's Spring we are having a TPT sale to help celebrate.  Head on over to our TPT store to grab some great spring products.

Let's Measure It:  Meets the common core math standards with lots of hands on activities.  One sale  for only $7.20

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May Math Journal:  Ready To Go Daily Math Journals to help your students review various math standards.  Throw it in the copier, staple, and it is ready for the next 20 days.  On sale for only $1.60.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Art Project and Activities:  I will have to say this unit students just love.  Included in this packet are directions for a Home/School Writing Connection on a Caterpillar bag.  Lots of fun items.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Literacy Activities:  This packet is filled with lots of fun activities for you to use with this great book. 

Mar 22, 2014

SLO Time and Michigan Leader In Me Symposium

This past week might have been one of the busiest weeks of my teaching career!!  We are getting ready for our final preparation for our SLO's next week.  I think I might of had 10 meetings last week, grade cards went home Wednesday, and I attended a Leader In Me Symposium in Michigan on Thursday and Friday.

My Symposium was truly amazing and definitely gave us tons of great ideas for our school's upcoming Leadership Day on May 13.  

This coming week is our Leadership Data Binder Night on Thursday.  The students are so excited to bring back their parents to share their Leadership Data Binders with them.  I got some amazing ideas in Michigan on how to present some of this Data Binder stuff to make it totally kid friendly so that they kids are interpreting the data and understanding how to help each student in our classroom reach our designated goals.  

This weekend I need to make sure that my Leadership Data Binders are all caught up, so watch for pictures coming up on Data Binders.  I made it a goal this year that I was going to stay CAUGHT UP with these every month and I am THRILLED to say this is one goal that I have achieved this year.  I just need to make sure that I have stamped my "celebrate you have reached your goal" stamp on anything they have mastered!!

This is our last week prior to our spring break vacation, so looking forward to a fast week filled with lots of fun activities!

Mar 12, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Subtraction Story Problem Booklet Freebie

Today our district had another snow day, so I started preparing for next week.  We have been working hard on subtraction the past couple of weeks.  Next week we are going to wrap it up and I thought a little St. Patrick's Day booklet would be fun for the students to complete.  It works perfect for the KOA A2 standard.  Students use a picture to cross off the amount given in the problem.  Then solve the problem to find the answer.  We have been working on whole/part/part and this fits perfect with this concept.
Head on over to our TPT store and grab this freebie for yourself to use on St. Patrick's Day.
Click title for the direct link to our TPT store:
Subtraction Story Problem Booklets

Mar 8, 2014

Math Journal Independence

We put this March Math Journal on sale starting today, Saturday March 8 until Monday March 10.  You can grab it for $1.60. 

Mar 1, 2014

Data Binders Updated and SLO Documentation

This year one of my personal goals was to make sure that I kept up with Data Binders.  I am happy to say that I have stayed on top of this goal each month.  Today I wrapped up February Data Binders and realized how these Data Binders really do show growth with all students.  
When I do my end of the year meeting with my principal this year, Data Binders are one of the BIG things that I will use as evidence pieces of growing each and every student in my class. 
I really doubt that I will need to drag in all 24 Data Binders, but they are powerful tools to show student growth and differentiation.

Each year I typically choose a "theme" to do in my classroom.  This year I revamped some things and chose the "TEAM THEME".  
I have LOVED this TEAM THEME and will definitely choose to continue with it next year to make my life easier.  However, I feel that I truly have found a system that works and will be very powerful with my end of the year evaluations!
At the end of the year, I send these Data Binders home for the students/parents enjoy and see the progress.
Our school will be inviting parents back to school this month of March for students to share these binders with their parents.  We will also have a Leadership Day in May that different students will have the opportunity to showcase their growth for the year!  
This is just one of the front covers that I designed for the Data Binder Theme Team.  You can also look on our TPT store for additional items to use for your Data Binders.  These are not all of the items I use, but I will share some things throughout this week of what I have included in the binders.  
Click here for a direct link to our TPT store freebie link for : Data Binder Reading and Recording Sheets