Mar 1, 2014

Data Binders Updated and SLO Documentation

This year one of my personal goals was to make sure that I kept up with Data Binders.  I am happy to say that I have stayed on top of this goal each month.  Today I wrapped up February Data Binders and realized how these Data Binders really do show growth with all students.  
When I do my end of the year meeting with my principal this year, Data Binders are one of the BIG things that I will use as evidence pieces of growing each and every student in my class. 
I really doubt that I will need to drag in all 24 Data Binders, but they are powerful tools to show student growth and differentiation.

Each year I typically choose a "theme" to do in my classroom.  This year I revamped some things and chose the "TEAM THEME".  
I have LOVED this TEAM THEME and will definitely choose to continue with it next year to make my life easier.  However, I feel that I truly have found a system that works and will be very powerful with my end of the year evaluations!
At the end of the year, I send these Data Binders home for the students/parents enjoy and see the progress.
Our school will be inviting parents back to school this month of March for students to share these binders with their parents.  We will also have a Leadership Day in May that different students will have the opportunity to showcase their growth for the year!  
This is just one of the front covers that I designed for the Data Binder Theme Team.  You can also look on our TPT store for additional items to use for your Data Binders.  These are not all of the items I use, but I will share some things throughout this week of what I have included in the binders.  
Click here for a direct link to our TPT store freebie link for : Data Binder Reading and Recording Sheets 


Alicia said...

Love the team theme. Smart on so many levels!

Kristina Cotran said...

As a special education teacher, I find your blog really helpful!
I wanted to share with you a very exciting and engaging video that will encourage your students to do their homework. Watch, enjoy, and please share with all of your students and colleagues! Thank you!