Mar 22, 2014

SLO Time and Michigan Leader In Me Symposium

This past week might have been one of the busiest weeks of my teaching career!!  We are getting ready for our final preparation for our SLO's next week.  I think I might of had 10 meetings last week, grade cards went home Wednesday, and I attended a Leader In Me Symposium in Michigan on Thursday and Friday.

My Symposium was truly amazing and definitely gave us tons of great ideas for our school's upcoming Leadership Day on May 13.  

This coming week is our Leadership Data Binder Night on Thursday.  The students are so excited to bring back their parents to share their Leadership Data Binders with them.  I got some amazing ideas in Michigan on how to present some of this Data Binder stuff to make it totally kid friendly so that they kids are interpreting the data and understanding how to help each student in our classroom reach our designated goals.  

This weekend I need to make sure that my Leadership Data Binders are all caught up, so watch for pictures coming up on Data Binders.  I made it a goal this year that I was going to stay CAUGHT UP with these every month and I am THRILLED to say this is one goal that I have achieved this year.  I just need to make sure that I have stamped my "celebrate you have reached your goal" stamp on anything they have mastered!!

This is our last week prior to our spring break vacation, so looking forward to a fast week filled with lots of fun activities!


Anonymous said...

I like that stamp idea. I need to do something similar. Have a great Spring Break.

Alicia said...

Is the symposium something where teachers share ideas with each other? I'm curious about this. I'm in California and we have conferences where teachers can present but I like this symposium idea.

Busy Bees said...

My kids love the stamp idea. They remind me when they have mastered something that needs a stamp on it!!
Have a great spring break!!!

Busy Bees said...

Alicia~A symposium is where teachers do share things with one another. Usually there is a guest speaker/speakers then you have breakout sessions that you choose to listen to throughout the day.