Apr 23, 2014

Arbor Day Booklet and Extended Days Finished!!!

Today was our last day of extended day.  Our school day was extended by 1 hour for the last 11 days.  The kids did a fabulous job with these last 11 days with staying in class until 4:30.  I think we are all ready though of getting back to a regular routine and dismissal at 3:30.
We have been working on Earth Day this week and have a school wide celebration on Friday celebrating Arbor Day.  SueBeth put together an Arbor Day booklet that we just uploaded to TPT:  Plant A Tree For Arbor Day.  
Our school is beginning to prepare for our upcoming Leadership Day.  My leadership team, indoor beautification team, worked hard on making some gumball machines that will be used as table decorations.  We are 99.9% completed and I will take pictures to share.  This coordinates with our Bubble Gum Rubric that corresponds with the Marzano Framework of using a rubric.  I use it with my kindergarten students and it works wonderful. 


Alicia said...

The Arbor Day booklet looks great! Can't wait to see the bubble gum rubric!

Anonymous said...

The booklet looks very cute :)

Pi said...

The booklet looks very cute :)