Apr 18, 2014

WOW!!! What a week!!! KRA Training, Math Training, and SLO Evaluation

We had school 4 days last week due to having Friday off.  Well, I had 3 meetings and was sick one day, so I did not see my kids all week.  Plus this week our extended days from missing too many snow days continued, so the kids had a sub all 4 days and went to school an extra hour each day!   Overall, it sounds like they did great.  So ready to be back to my classroom on Monday.

Two of my days off were to learn how to give the KRA (Kindergarten Readiness Assessment) to all kindergarten students in the fall in the state of Ohio. 
On Monday, I attended a math training.  I love the math common core, so it was a lot of fun sharing ideas between different grade levels of how to make some things common between our K-5 buildings.  Excited about these activities that we have planned for next year.  
Tens and Ones Fun Center:  We have been working hard on measurement, but we are still reviewing compose/decompose.  I ordered a magnetic base ten set from Learning Resources and purchased some smaller cookie sheets from Dollar Tree for my students to use in a center to compose/decompose numbers.  I made some cards Numbers That Stick Together with numbers in a sequence and thought they could say/write the number that would come next and build the number, too.  Working hard on number sense these next 6 weeks of school!!
Off to enjoy the rest of my vacation day, but check back this weekend on some writing samples that I will be sharing to show how we are reporting our SLO items.

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