May 14, 2014

First Leadership Day Under Our Belt

WOW!!  What an exciting adventure this past Tuesday, May 13 was for our K-2 building.  We are in our second year of our Leader In Me process.  We all have visited other schools and knew that this year was going to be the year that we wanted to host a Leadership Day.  We are the Findlay Trojans and stuck with this theme for our Leadership Day so that there was not going to have to be a lot of extra decorating for this special day.  
Our day started at 9:30 and ended with a school wide town hall meeting at 2:00.  When we were finished, I asked every student in my class to share what their favorite part of the day was and boy did I feel proud of them:
Mrs. Drerup my favorite part was:
The whole school singing and signing We All Need Somebody To Lean On in the gym as our final event for our guests
I loved sharing my Data Binder with other people
I enjoyed greeting the people out front
I liked telling others about our bubble gum rubric and giving them a token to get a gumball for being an outstanding listener
I liked eating lunch in our classroom(gotta love this one)
I liked serving them lunch in the gym and throwing away the trash

Our entire K-2 students celebrating their April goals and singing We All Need Somebody To Lean On for our guests.
Students and our school mascot, Tommy Trojan, standing outside to greet our guests who are attending our first Leadership Day!!
If you wondered where we have been with blogging the last week, well it was helping to prepare for this special day and of course cleaning up my classroom for about 70 visitors to be coming through on this special day!  

I am proud of our school and our teachers for hosting such a fun leadership day and what a great feeling to watch our entire population shine~
 Well, only 12 more days to go and what a great feeling to know that my room is semi clean!  Up next our K-5 sister school Leadership Extravaganza and Kindergarten Graduation!!  Woo-hoo!!


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