Jun 9, 2014

To Do List Begins and Math Tool Bags Done

I am saying this week is my first full week of being off for summer break.  So, my house/school becomes a part of my to do list throughout the summer.  
Last summer I read Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations book and loved it.  This past year several teachers from our district did a book study together.  One of the items for this summer on my school to do list is to make Math Tool Bags.  I have chair pockets on the backs of all of my chairs.  Inside of these chair pockets, I am going to keep a Math Tool Bag.  This bag will house different manipulatives that we will use throughout the school year, will hold math word lists, and any other math items that I think would be beneficial to go in that bag.
Today, I wrapped them up and left them at school in my completed pile.  I made labels for the bags, used velcro dots to secure the label on the bag, and now I am working on getting my math word lists organized for my Math Tool Bags.  
Can't wait to put these to use next year to help with the organization and resource area for my kinders!
 Of course, I just can't pop in to drop something off and head back out.  While I was at school, I thought the bulletin board  outside of my classroom needed to match my TEAM theme that I am doing this coming school year again.  So, I took off the old material and can't wait to share what the new area looks like for the school year.  
Going to get my Cricut and Cameo busy here in the next couple of days so that I can check another thing off of the summer to do list.

This board area is very large, you are only seeing less than half of the actual size.  Can't wait to share what the new area will look like integrating my TEAM theme.

Another bulletin board area right outside of my classroom.  Love the idea that I have planned for this one, too.  This year my motto is to work SMARTER NOT HARDER, so my plan for this area is for it to be up all year long!!  This green came down today because I used it for my jungle theme and owl theme the last couple of years!

Fun lettering for this area coming really soon with the TEAM theme. 
My goal is to do a little bit at a time, then there will be less that I have to do in August.  The additional "truth" is that I am working hard on getting our basement/garage cleaned out of school things!! 


Maryann said...

I hope you are having fun! I too am cleaning out the basement and garage which has alot of school "stuff" from a long time. One ? for you - are you planning to share your "data binder" and what you include in it? I have followed you and saw a post recently about a night your kids share with parents! Thanks,

Busy Bees said...

Yes, we will share things with my TEAM Data Binders. It is on the to do list in the next week or 2. Have fun cleaning!!

Piya Coughlan said...

These Math tool bags are the best idea ever!
Where did you get them from?