Jul 21, 2014

To Do List Begins

We have less than a month before we "have" to be at school, so I a beginning to see the end of summer vacation.  YIKES!!  Plus my family is headed on vacation soon. So, the number of days are getting less.
Today a lot of our staff went to Kent to observe their reading clinic in action and to talk with Timothy Rasinski author of several reading books that can be found on Amazon.  After I returned I had planned on going back into school to work in my room, but that didn't sound too positive to me with the humidity and hot temperature.  
So, I decided to wrap up a few things here at home with school that I am going to put up tomorrow in my room.

Word work is one of the items I plan on improving this year in my room, so updating a word wall center board was a must.  Here is what I started out with which is just a colored piece of canvas from Hobby Lobby.

Next phase was using a hot glue gun to put on some border that coordinates with a border already in that area.

Getting closer to wrapping up the first word work center area board. 
Added the coordinating border to my buckets that will house my phonic phones.

Phonic phones that will go into the 2 buckets that I finished spray painting tonight before I added the border to the buckets.

I made these cute sound munchers to go along with a bunch of our center activities in our TPT store.  The "teeth" are pieces of gum!!  Gotta love the dear daughter that helped me think of that one!!

My second sound muncher that will be used for literacy centers!

Still sticking with the TEAM theme this year to make my job easier, so just had to make some new TEAM members to add to my collection. 

Added some polka dots to my clothespins to jazz them up.  I will be putting these onto my word work board by color coding.  Once I get that area done, I will take pictures and explain.  Possibly tomorrow I will wrap up that area to share with you! 

SueBeth and I have been working hard to update our Math Journal covers to make them a little snazzier!  So look for every month to be updated to make our product even better!  I plan on copying mine for the entire year tomorrow.  Just throw them in the copier and hit print!  SO EASY!!

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