Aug 3, 2014

Hilton Head Vacation Over Which Means Bustin' My Room Time and New Products

This is the latest that our family has ever been able to take family vacations because we always had to work around the kids' sporting schedules.  I will have to say that I loved taking a vacation this time of the year because I felt like I had a "vacation" right before it was time to hit my room in full force this week.
We have some awesome new products that should hit our TPT store just in time for the big sale!  Our trip took 14 driving hours each way and for me working on my computer makes time go so much faster!!

Sneak peak of a couple new things...
Our entire school implemented a Bubble Gum Rubric last year, Bubble Gum Rubric For Rating Work and Effort On Individual And Group Projects(link to TPT).  We already created one product last year to help with visually displaying it in our classroom last year, but this year we have created another visual to use in your classroom.  Can't wait to share our new product and take pictures of how I am using it in my classroom.  If your district uses the Marzano Evaluation System, then this is the perfect tool for you!!  I used it in my kindergarten class last year and the kids/parents/teachers loved it!!!  More to come on this rubric.
 Another product that is ready to hit our TPT store is our Shapes Into Shapes Booklet.  I struggled how to teach this KG6 standard last year, so SueBeth and I decided to put this standard into a little booklet to help students with this standard.  Here is a sneak peak of this product:

To go along with our Bubble Gum Rubric, our goals need to be posted in our classroom.  I jazzed up what I did last year and threw this easy packet together.  This packet will contain easy templates to use monthly in your room along with easy templates to communicate these goals home to your parents! 

 I love doing Data Binders in kindergarten.  We have been doing them for the last several year...each year I try to make something better and easier.  Last year our entire school (K-5) had the same headings in our Data Binders.  One of those headings was celebrations, so this year I decided over the summer to create some things that I could put into that heading to jazz it up and also send home a copy to parents to improve my communication with these celebrations!  Here is a sneak peek at what one of the pages in this packet looks like...

I have done Poem Booklets different for the past several years.  Before last year, 2013-2014 school year I bought spiral notebooks or created my own by using blank pages and the binding machine in our buildings.  Then I copied the poem we were doing for the week and had to trim the poem so that it would fit into the booklets nicely, pass them out to the kids to glue in, and know that they were gluing it on the wrong page, using too much glue, etc. So, for some reason last year, I got "smart" over the summer and took these poems and threw them into a Poem Booklet.  The booklet is already to go, all you have to do is throw it in the copier and it is done for the entire year.  I numbered the pages, so when we say today's poem is on page 15, they know right where to find it!!  This item is already in our TPT store, so you might want to throw it in your cart before the sale begins!  I plan on going in to school tonight and throwing mine in the copier while I work in my room.  Tomorrow I am printing the covers, binding it, and it is done for the entire school year.  Poem and Song Collection For An Entire Year is the title of this collection.  It normally sells for $5.00, but will be on sale during the TPT sale along with all items from our TPT store!!   created a new title page this year, so the title page will look different on our TPT store.  Still same poems, just an updated look for this year!!

Ok, gotta make a Target run before we head the rest of the way home from our vacation to Hilton Head.  Then it is off to work on some things for school and relax the rest of the evening.  My goal is to have my room done this week to give me one week left to "play".
Love the beach!

Jacob, our son, and his wife Jerae soaking in some last minute beach fun!!  Our daughter, Jordan, could not go due to just starting her new job...bummer!!

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