Sep 15, 2014

2D Flat Shape Booklets

Our focus today was KG6 which is compose simple shapes to form larger shapes.  We created a booklet together with lots of problem solving.  It was a math and reading integrated lesson.  The students read each page, cut out the provided shapes, completed their own problem solving, and glued down their answers.  They loved creating this booklet together and it was so much fun watching them problem solve.  What a fun way to cover this Geometry Standard.  They loved it!
Here is a quick link to our TPT store for the activities to help with the KG6 standard:  Shapes Into Shapes:  Compose Simple Shapes To Make Larger Shapes.
We have put this unit on sale for $2.40 until Thursday, September 18 at midnight Ohio time.  Check out the fun ways to help with this standard.

Triangles to make a square.

Semi circles to make a circle.

Trapezoids to make hexagons.

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Bumblebees R Us Day Care Center said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas. That activity is simple but will allow kids to learn more about shapes. I would love to see more of your future activities with the kids.