Sep 10, 2014

Meatball Writing Spacers

Last year my "Spaceman" writing spacers bit the dust after several years of using them.  Over the summer, I tried to think of a "cheap" way that I could make writing spacers and would have a "cute" presentation to them.  We have been talking about leaving space between our words or leaving a "meatball" space.  We have been talking about leaving spaghetti between our letters so that they don't touch, but there is a tiny bit of space between our letters. 

Well, the cheap and creative juice hit me...I bought tongue depressors, tape, and brown pompoms and created meatball spacers for the kids.  I can't wait to show them tomorrow their meatball spacers!!  For some reason I think they will love leaving space between their words tomorrow and hopefully from now on!!!

Here is what they look like:


Anonymous said...

Super cute!
:-D Robin Carrier

Alicia said...

So fun! You're so creative.