Sep 4, 2014

Open House and Shape Fun

Tonight was our Open House and the students loved showing their parents around our room and our school.  Each year I give something different to my parents/kids so this year we did a smore theme and doughnut theme.  The kids loved them that might have been the best part.  However they also loved showing their parents the bubble gum rubric in our room and of course then wanted a piece of bubble gum.  Since my motto is they always have to be learning, I made them tell me how many they are allowed to take from the machine.  The word one is a popcorn word, so I made them spell the popcorn word o-n-e before they could take one.  I am floored how many knew how to spell one just from our practicing them each day.  

  2D shapes has been our focus this week.  They love spinning the spinners with a partner and coloring in the shape.  Next week we will continue our 2D shape unit so that we make sure we focus on the Geometry standards.  If you are looking for a fun way to teach shapes, check out our unit in our TPT store:  Flat Shape 2D Unit.  More pictures to come next week on this unit.


Sarah said...

I Love those tags! Did you make them?


Alicia said...

Love the little gifties! The look like they're having a great time under those tables!