Oct 23, 2014

Conference Done, Grade Cards Done, Time For More Fun

I am really celebrating tonight.  My conferences are finished and I had 100% participation which means no make up conferences!!  Our grade cards get sent home tomorrow and that if off of the to do list, too!  Tomorrow we are going to work hard on wrapping up our pumpkin unit along with some fun sorting activities in math. We are having so much fun with our sorting unit in math.  The students do their Math Journal first each day to work on some great problem solving activities.  Then this week, we have been working hard on some sorting activities.  Here are some fun pictures from today's activities:
Having fun with some word work activities!!

Love the independent working wrapping up some sorting and counting.

The best part is eating our Cheetos Bones!!

Love the concentration in this picture~


Anonymous said...

I wish we had our grade cards and conferences over, but those are in the coming weeks. Grade cards go home next Friday and conferences the following 2 Mondays. I see you were using the Bag of Bones sorting; I'm doing those on Halloween. How did it go? I am in love with your shelves with the slots on top! What all do you have on them? The slots are great for the clipboards and for my class, they would be perfect to keep unfinished work as I have tables.

Alicia said...

Already?! We don't have ours until the Thursday/Friday before Thanksgiving break.