Oct 2, 2014

Letter Naming Fluency Begins

One of our September goals was to know all 26 capital/lowercase letters or increase our August assessment score by at least 5 letters.  We were so thrilled that we "SCORED" a TOUCHDOWN with this reading goal.  
So our next thing on the to do list in October is to make sure we are working on our letter naming fluency with these letters that we now can name.  In order to help with the goal in the classroom and at home, I use our Letter Naming Fluency Packet.  I copied 2 pages back to back and stuck them into clear pockets that I have purchased the last several year.  For 5 minutes a day, we practice this list a couple times together, then I have them spread out and practice on their own.  They LOVE doing this and I have seen a huge improvement with our accuracy and speed.  I also use this packet as a homework practice for the parents to help work on at home.
If you are interested in purchasing this packet, check it out here on our TPT store.  We have sold over 900 of these packets, so they are a big seller for us!