Nov 14, 2014

One Big Pair of Underwear...Too Cute

Laura Giel sent my class an autographed copy of her book called One Big Pair of Underwear.  I introduced the book today to my students.  I told them the title of the book, showed them where she had autographed the book, and discussed with them that she wanted us to review her book.  We use a bubble gum rubric to rate things, so I told them once I was done reading it they were going to have to rank it on the rubric and then justify why they gave it this score. 
After I was done reading it, my students thought about the book and then ranked One Big Pair of Underwear.  It was unanimous they gave it a score of a 4.  They said at the beginning the bears were not synergizing and thinking win-win.  But at the end, they realized that working together made everyone happy.  They thought it was loaded with descriptive words which gave them a better picture of what was happening in the book.  They loved the math that was presented in the book because they were comparing objects.  At the end of the story, they loved how they put the big pair of underwear on some some sticks and used it as a banner for their parade.  

My students not only enjoyed the book, but they thought they were famous because they were actually reviewing a book for someone.  Thank you Laura Giel for donating such a fun book to our classroom.

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