Jan 26, 2015

Valentine Mustache Party Pack Almost Done and It's Going To Be Editable!!

I really think I am ready for a normal week.  Since we have been back to school for since January 2015 we have had several delays and a cancellation.  I can honestly say I am ready for a normal week.  It may be awhile for this "normal" week as we are delayed on Monday, our 100th day is on Thursday, and Valentine's Day is coming real soon.

I don't use mustaches as decorations in my room, but there is soooooo much out there that is too stinkin' cute.  So, I decided to make a Mustache Theme party this school year for Valentine's Day.  I am happy to report our party packet is almost finished.  With fingers crossed it will be ready by Wednesday, January 28 for purchase through our TPT store.   
Here are just some of the things that you will get in this "I Mustache You To Be My Valentine" Party pack:
Scrapbook templates to just pop into the copier for each student to tape/glue their valentines.  We gave you a selection of several templates so that you can differentiate based upon the needs of the students in your classroom.
Valentine bag Templates to use with bags each student will create to store their classmates' valentines.
Teacher Valentines to just print that will be editable for teacher's signature through just typing your name.  I put Hugs~Mrs. Drerup
Teacher Valentine Gift Templates for students for Post-It note pack.  I will have to say these have turned out ADORABLE!!!  So easy to do and I am thinking they will love them!!  I am going to place mine into their Valentine bags for a fun surprise.
Editable Water Bottle Templates that you just hot glue with a dot at the beginning and a dot at the end. 
Ziplock Baggie Valentine Snack Toppers Template for any snack that you will be doing for you celebration.  I try to do LIMITED sugar, so we just do a Valentine trail mix.

We just wrapped up our Compose and Decompose Unit.  We took our assessment and can I same we definitely have a deep understanding of our numbers 11-19.  We concluded our unit with creating our Composing Numbers Booklets and wrapped up our Math Tools Booklets.  These Math Tools booklets are really helping us review and remember main topics that we have worked on this year in Math.  I will be posting about these booklets soon and sharing pictures.

Up next on my to do list is preparing for our 100th day of school.  I can't wait for all of the fun activities!!   

Jan 11, 2015

GO BUCKS...We Are Tailgating In Kindergarten

The students are so excited for "The Big Game" of The Ohio State Buckeyes against the Ducks.  I have had soooo much fun this past week and weekend creating some fun activities with SueBeth for my kids to enjoy.  I sent home a note last week asking my wonderful parents to donate some supplies for our Tailgating party.  Well, as long as the weather holds off we will be tailgating and doing a lot of fun BUCKEYE learning tomorrow in kindergarten.  You will have to check back on our next post on how much fun we had rooting on our Ohio State Buckeyes!!
Here is a small sneak peek of what we will be doing:
Our water bottles are ready to go~

Our predictions are ready to go~

How many points will each team score prediction~Winner gets a special OSU treat on Tuesday

OSU Number bingo with a twist of decomposing and composing numbers ready to go~

Pretzel snacks ready to go~

Jello snacks ready to go~

Some decorations ready to go~
 Can't wait for the fun to begin~

Jan 6, 2015

Writing Goals and Nonsense Words

We set goals each month and each day on what we want to see "improve" in our writing journals.  I will say the students excel when you set goals for what you want to see in their writings.  They definitely use their self monitoring skills to know if they reached the goals or not with their own writing.  Over break, I graded my December writing papers and designed a sheet that I attached to their writing.  This is a "personal" goal that I talked with them about for the month of January.  
Today we talked about our "New Year's Goals" with introducing nonsense words.  Last night we started reading a list on nonsense words in homework.  I was so happy when we talked about our goals today how many students said they worked on it last night and they wanted to reach the goal of reading those whole words instead of having to sound them out!! 
They loved their new glasses I gave them today to help them concentrate on their goals for this 2015 school year...specifically the month of January with reading nonsense words.  Don't forget to check out our Nonsense Dibels items in our TPT store.