Jan 6, 2015

Writing Goals and Nonsense Words

We set goals each month and each day on what we want to see "improve" in our writing journals.  I will say the students excel when you set goals for what you want to see in their writings.  They definitely use their self monitoring skills to know if they reached the goals or not with their own writing.  Over break, I graded my December writing papers and designed a sheet that I attached to their writing.  This is a "personal" goal that I talked with them about for the month of January.  
Today we talked about our "New Year's Goals" with introducing nonsense words.  Last night we started reading a list on nonsense words in homework.  I was so happy when we talked about our goals today how many students said they worked on it last night and they wanted to reach the goal of reading those whole words instead of having to sound them out!! 
They loved their new glasses I gave them today to help them concentrate on their goals for this 2015 school year...specifically the month of January with reading nonsense words.  Don't forget to check out our Nonsense Dibels items in our TPT store.  



Anonymous said...

Great idea to attach a personal goal to their writing sample with an example!

Allan |timeshare attorney said...

tnx for those tips, i will apply it, tnx again :, D