Feb 24, 2015

TPT Sale and Regular Routine

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 This cold weather needs to be DONE!!!  I am ready for a regular routine in our classroom.  We have had several 2 hour delays due to cold weather.  We are plugging along with our learning though.  The students have challenged each other to read their math journal together, but to circle key words and solve it totally independently in about 2-3 minutes.  Once our timer goes off, we get to share our findings with the class.  I am LOVING the independent math problem solvers this has created!!!

 Sometimes we even act it out and discuss it while they are reading the prompt for the day.  They have some great discussions on how they each solved the problem.  They are into solving the problem more than one way.  So, many of them are solving the addition problem by writing the number sentence, but they also write the number bond.  One of my students the other day asked me how to show her how the problem could be solved with "times", so I showed her how to solve a multiplication problem. 
If you are looking for an easy way to build great problem solvers in your classroom, check out our month math journals.  They are so easy to make...pop them into the copier and staple.  You are done for the month!!!

Feb 16, 2015

President's Day Inservice Goodies for Phonics and Math

Our district had teacher inservice today.  My morning consisted of listening to a presenter who has been working with our district on Phonemic Awareness.  I just love it when she comes because she gives me new things to add to my bag of tricks for the kids.  In the afternoon, I listened to a math presenter that always gives us great ideas and challenges us to create the best math problem solvers in our classrooms.  
I have seen these push lights before and have priced them and knew that they were pretty expensive from other stores.  This picture comes from the Dollar Tree website, but I have also heard that are at our local Dollar Tree store.  These can be used to help with segmenting and having students say the word and touch the lights for each sound they hear.  You can also give students a word and tell them to push where they hear a specific sound.   I just ordered some bags for each of my kids to keep in the back of their chair pockets to house all of these fun reading tools.  So easy to do this instead of passing everything out to them!!   

Fluency seems to be an area that we have questions about of what it really means in math.  I love when our presenter reminds us that fluency means all 3 of these things:  accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility when solving a problem.   Fluency does NOT mean setting the timer and having them solve a specific number of problems correctly in a certain amount of time.  Love it when my kids can be flexible and come up with multiple ways to solve a problem.  Lately they have been creating number sentences, number bonds, making combinations of ten, etc.  

Feb 12, 2015

I Mustache You To Be My Valentine Party and Classroom Fun

We are ready for our Valentine's Day party tomorrow with our mustache theme.  The kids can't wait to put their valentines into their scrapbooks. 
This past week we worked hard on the standard of solving addition word problems.  I will have to say that with doing our Math Journals every day since the first day of school has made this task sooooooo easy!!  We have worked on it 5 days and they are ready to be assessed on Tuesday.  They are such good problem solvers and are very confident when they go to solve a problem. 
They love scoring a 4 on our bubble gum rubric and in order to get a 4 which is the highest score on the rubric, they have to have AMAZING work.  They have been solving their math journals independently by drawing a picture, writing and equation, and writing the number bond that matches their equation.  They even circle key words/numbers that help them solve the problem before they even start drawing their picture.

Wrapped up our Snowmen At Night study last week.

Our Properties of Matter unit has been up and running.  This is one of their favorite activities so far!!!

Feb 4, 2015

Mustache Valentine Scrapbook and Party Collection on TPT and It's Editable

We are finally doing the victory dance!!  Our Mustache Valentine Scrapbook and Party Collection is posted.  This unit is filled with some goodies to help you prepare for your Valentine's Day party with minimal preparation. 
Here is the direct link for this fun EDITABLE packet: Mustache Unit

More pictures to come soon on our completed Mustache Theme.

Feb 2, 2015

Mustache Valentine Scrapbook and Party Pack Almost Done and Math Anchor Charts

We had hoped to get this packet posted last week, but we have had several delays and are cancelled today due to snow.  Our hope is to get this packet posted today so that you can snatch up a fun Valentine Packet:  I Mustache You To Be My Valentine

Just a few of the fun things you can do with things in our I Mustache You To Be My Valentine~

I took anchor chart things I made along with Deanna and Deedee's Anchor Chart items and put them onto a small chart paper tablet.  We just flip to something when we need reminders.

We wrapped up our Decompose/Compose unit and these came in handy for us to refer to during the unit.

Love the visuals it give the students and we created a little jingle to remind us of decomposing!     

We are heavy into our addition unit.  We are working hard on our fluency to 5, writing number sentences, creating number bonds, and solving addition story problems.