Feb 12, 2015

I Mustache You To Be My Valentine Party and Classroom Fun

We are ready for our Valentine's Day party tomorrow with our mustache theme.  The kids can't wait to put their valentines into their scrapbooks. 
This past week we worked hard on the standard of solving addition word problems.  I will have to say that with doing our Math Journals every day since the first day of school has made this task sooooooo easy!!  We have worked on it 5 days and they are ready to be assessed on Tuesday.  They are such good problem solvers and are very confident when they go to solve a problem. 
They love scoring a 4 on our bubble gum rubric and in order to get a 4 which is the highest score on the rubric, they have to have AMAZING work.  They have been solving their math journals independently by drawing a picture, writing and equation, and writing the number bond that matches their equation.  They even circle key words/numbers that help them solve the problem before they even start drawing their picture.

Wrapped up our Snowmen At Night study last week.

Our Properties of Matter unit has been up and running.  This is one of their favorite activities so far!!!

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