Feb 16, 2015

President's Day Inservice Goodies for Phonics and Math

Our district had teacher inservice today.  My morning consisted of listening to a presenter who has been working with our district on Phonemic Awareness.  I just love it when she comes because she gives me new things to add to my bag of tricks for the kids.  In the afternoon, I listened to a math presenter that always gives us great ideas and challenges us to create the best math problem solvers in our classrooms.  
I have seen these push lights before and have priced them and knew that they were pretty expensive from other stores.  This picture comes from the Dollar Tree website, but I have also heard that are at our local Dollar Tree store.  These can be used to help with segmenting and having students say the word and touch the lights for each sound they hear.  You can also give students a word and tell them to push where they hear a specific sound.   I just ordered some bags for each of my kids to keep in the back of their chair pockets to house all of these fun reading tools.  So easy to do this instead of passing everything out to them!!   

Fluency seems to be an area that we have questions about of what it really means in math.  I love when our presenter reminds us that fluency means all 3 of these things:  accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility when solving a problem.   Fluency does NOT mean setting the timer and having them solve a specific number of problems correctly in a certain amount of time.  Love it when my kids can be flexible and come up with multiple ways to solve a problem.  Lately they have been creating number sentences, number bonds, making combinations of ten, etc.  

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