Feb 24, 2015

TPT Sale and Regular Routine

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 This cold weather needs to be DONE!!!  I am ready for a regular routine in our classroom.  We have had several 2 hour delays due to cold weather.  We are plugging along with our learning though.  The students have challenged each other to read their math journal together, but to circle key words and solve it totally independently in about 2-3 minutes.  Once our timer goes off, we get to share our findings with the class.  I am LOVING the independent math problem solvers this has created!!!

 Sometimes we even act it out and discuss it while they are reading the prompt for the day.  They have some great discussions on how they each solved the problem.  They are into solving the problem more than one way.  So, many of them are solving the addition problem by writing the number sentence, but they also write the number bond.  One of my students the other day asked me how to show her how the problem could be solved with "times", so I showed her how to solve a multiplication problem. 
If you are looking for an easy way to build great problem solvers in your classroom, check out our month math journals.  They are so easy to make...pop them into the copier and staple.  You are done for the month!!!

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