Mar 21, 2015

Editing Writing and Teddy Bear Picnic

I am just in love with how much my students love to write.  They have become very confident writers.  I wanted them to start editing this writing products, so I purchased Punctuation Police from Elizabeth Hall.  This has made a huge difference with my kids wanting to go back and reread their writings.  I also added my own version of an editing ticket so that the kids could match up the items on our 6 Traits Writing Rubric.  They love doing the Editing Ticket individually, but many of them love conversing with one another to make sure they are checking off things and being "honest" about their ticket!!!

 Just got item number one off of my to do list which was grade cards.  Now it's time for me to plan for our teddy bear picnic.  We have done this now for 3 years in place of Easter eggs filled with candy and it is soooooo much fun and no candy!!  I will post pictures in the next couple of days!

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