Apr 21, 2015

Living Things Plant Unit Complete

We wrapped up our plant unit today.  We did a fun eating project which is on pinterest.  I told the kids that they were going to eat a WHOLE plant today...of course they just looked at me like you are kidding?!?!  So, we passed out the plate that was full of the veggies and the students had to read the parts of a plant and place their veggies in the correct box.  Once we had the veggies in the correct spot, the students then got to try the different parts of a plant.  They absolutely loved this conclusion activity to a fun unit~ 
Our plants in our greenhouses are beginning to root...yeah


Apr 9, 2015

Bridges Math Series Fun

Our district is in the process of finalizing our math adoption for next year.  It looks like Bridges will be the series that will be used for grades K-5.  So, kindergarten has 2 more units left for the school year which is 3D shapes and Measurement.  Bridges has given us the opportunity to use their materials for these 2 units for us to explore around before our summer training.  
Since we only had 4 days this week due to spring break vacation.  We are reviewing our flat shapes through their work places (centers) that were used in their Module 5 Unit.  We are introducing 2 centers each day.  One of the BEST parts about work places are the apps that go with the different math strands.  We have only done 2 days worth of the Bridges 2D shape items and my kids are loving it!!

Apr 2, 2015

Farley's Currently

I am linking up with Farley's Currently.  I am on spring break, so this one was SO much fun for me.  Here you go...
 I feel the beach calling my name, so out of here...