May 4, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Sale and Mother's Day Projects Is Completed

TPT is having a Teacher Appreciation Sale Tuesday, May 5-Wednesday, May 6.  All you have to do is fill your cart and enter the code THANK You to get 28% off of the items in your cart.  
We have leadership day this coming Friday at our school, so I knew if was going to be a busy week.  So I decided to be PROACTIVE and have the kids complete their project last week.  We sent all of them home last Friday.  Yes...first time in 28 years that I was organized a week early!!  
Here is what I did~
I first saw the idea at Soaring Through Second blog where she gives info on the free downloads and what app you need in order to complete the project.  Once I was done with the pictures, I uploaded it to Wal-Greens, purchased frames from Dollar Tree and they were finished.

 Next up, kindergarten graduation~

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