Jun 5, 2015

Poem Booklets and Integrating Hunks/Chunks

We have used Poem booklets for many years.  The students absolutely love poems.  There are soooooo many things that you can incorporate while you are working with poems.  I love to work on fluency and reading with expression.  One of the strongest things are readers that comes out of this time is finding vowel rules, looking for hunks, and chunks, using context to help with unknown words, etc.  The skills are UNLIMITED!!  
First we read through the poem working on fluency and expression.
The second time through we work on buttering (using a highlighter) popcorn words and/or words we should know.  I love this discussion as kids will say we should know that word it only has 2 letters, 3 letters in in, it's a CVC word, that's a CVCE words, etc...such POWERFUL discussion.
The last thing we do is pretend that we are an illustrator working in his/her studio and for 5 minutes we illustrate the poem without any talking.  I even set the timer...they absolutely LOVE it.  It is totally amazing how much work they can get done in 5 minutes.  I even illustrate with them in my booklet, but I do some "talking out loud" as I am illustrating providing them with meaning of what I am drawing.
You can find our collection of poems in our TPT store.  Click here to check it out.  We have put it on sale until Sunday, June 7 at midnight.  You can grab it for $4.00, throw it in the copier, and your collection of songs/poems is finished for the year!!!



Sarah said...

I have to say I love this post and am book marking to come back to it later in the summer! I tried poetry notebooks this year, but didn't really have a focus on what exactly I wanted to do with them. Now, this has helped! Do you do the different activities over a few days time? Do you read the poems with your class everyday, or send them home to read for homework?


Busy Bees said...

We read our "monthly poems/songs" everyday during our morning meeting time. It helps with fluency and the kids love it! I do not send it home for homework. We do 1-2 poems a week in our poem booklets of buttering/illustrating/finding chunks/etc. They LOVE finding chunks in the words and words that we should know by sight! At the end of the year, they take the poem booklets home and it's a great collection!!

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