Jul 29, 2015

Wrapping Up...Getting Closer To Being Finished!!

We start school on August 17, with our family leaving soon on our vacation I know that I need to have my room done in the next few days.  So, I have been wrapping some things up.  
Here are what my boards in my window looked like after I spray painted them black and added some border.

A side view of the 4 "bulletin boards" that I have in my classroom.

Here is what the fall bulletin board looks like after it has been updated.

Here is the summer board.

Spring board~

Winter board~

Popcorn Goal board finished except for once students have reached their goal, they will write their name on a piece of popcorn.  The side board will be for our behavior monthly goal accomplishments.

Another view of this board.

This monthly behavior goal accomplishment is almost done.  I love it because it will be done for the year!!!  Need to add one more thing today and it will be done!!
 Well, headed back into school this morning to wrap up a few more things.  I usually head out by noon because it has been pretty hot around here lately.  I will definitely take and share more pictures of what I wrap up for today!!

Jul 21, 2015

Bridges Number Corner Almost Done

Yes, I am able to get into my classroom and I love it.  We are going on vacation the first week of August, so getting my room ready is becoming a necessity!  
Our district adopted the Bridges Math Series for the upcoming school year.  One of the components of this series is Number Corner each day.  I knew it took up a lot of space, so I had to do some thinking of where I was going to put it in my classroom.  I also wanted it to blend in with my new "colorful room" theme.  As of yesterday, I am about 90% done with it.  I think I am almost there.  I forgot to show in these pictures how I am going to keep track of how many days we have been in school component. 
My goal is to go into school each day this week in the morning to work in my classroom so that it is ready.  Of course my other goal is to hit the pool in the afternoon.  Ohio has FINALLY been blessed with summer weather!!!


Jul 11, 2015

Differentiated Homework Booklet Done For The Entire Year...WOO-HOO

I have been doing a DIBELS based homework booklet for several years.  Last year was the first year that I decided to put the booklet together for the entire year.  I placed it into a 3 ring binder.  Inside that binder I also placed a pencil pouch so that things could be placed inside this pouch.  I use a skill ring that I place inside the box.  I will explain this in another post.

What is in my DIBELS based homework?  I place Letter Naming Fluency, First Sound Fluency, Segmenting, Nonsense Words and Sentence Fluency

My parents ABSOLUTELY love this homework booklet.  I don't ask my parents, they tell me when they see me at conferences, when they volunteer, etc. They love the consistency each night and they love how they can monitor their child's progress towards the benchmark goal or their child's personal goal of exceeding that goal. They tell me that their child wants to do homework so that they can reach their goals.

The kids love it.  When I check them in each morning I don't ask they just let me with excitement...Mrs. Drerup you are going to die when you see how many letters I got last night in a minute or you and going to scream when you see how many whole words I read in a minute, etc.  The kids take TOTAL ownership of self monitoring their progress and their learning towards specific goals.

The teacher loves it.  My booklets were done prior to July 1!!  I changed the dates which we are making editable this year and threw it in the copier.  I ran it 2 sided to 2 sided to save paper and with a click they were finished.  They are done for the whole year.  It has helped my kids tremendously with those beginning reading skills that are so important to becoming a successful reader.  Our district does dibels testing and the students do great with their end of the year scores.  

If your district does not give the DIBELS test these are still VERY IMPORTANT skills that all kindergarten students need to be successful with in order to read/write. 

Our next few blog posts I will show pictures and explain our homework booklet.  We are getting ready to update our Homework Booklet to make it EDITABLE and give you a couple of additional options of creating your own booklet to make it fit the needs of your classroom!!!   

Jul 7, 2015

Pete The Cat Rockin' The Color Shoes

I just finished up the 2 bulletin board renovations in my classroom that I have above my windows.  These bulletin boards were made from the cardboard presentation boards that you can grab for 40% off at Hobby Lobby with your coupon.  My husband cut them to fit my windows.  I put velcro on the back of them so that I can take them off of the windows when I want to update them.  Well 2 out of 8 done...YIKES!!  I took the page from our TPT packet and enlarge it on a poster machine to make the Pete the Cat and speech bubble.  Here is the direct link for this Rockin Our Color Shoes that will help you make a bulletin board or make a color booklet to help with color words.  
Up next on this project, popcorn words and high frequency words for writing.