Jul 7, 2015

Pete The Cat Rockin' The Color Shoes

I just finished up the 2 bulletin board renovations in my classroom that I have above my windows.  These bulletin boards were made from the cardboard presentation boards that you can grab for 40% off at Hobby Lobby with your coupon.  My husband cut them to fit my windows.  I put velcro on the back of them so that I can take them off of the windows when I want to update them.  Well 2 out of 8 done...YIKES!!  I took the page from our TPT packet and enlarge it on a poster machine to make the Pete the Cat and speech bubble.  Here is the direct link for this Rockin Our Color Shoes that will help you make a bulletin board or make a color booklet to help with color words.  
Up next on this project, popcorn words and high frequency words for writing. 


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