Jul 29, 2015

Wrapping Up...Getting Closer To Being Finished!!

We start school on August 17, with our family leaving soon on our vacation I know that I need to have my room done in the next few days.  So, I have been wrapping some things up.  
Here are what my boards in my window looked like after I spray painted them black and added some border.

A side view of the 4 "bulletin boards" that I have in my classroom.

Here is what the fall bulletin board looks like after it has been updated.

Here is the summer board.

Spring board~

Winter board~

Popcorn Goal board finished except for once students have reached their goal, they will write their name on a piece of popcorn.  The side board will be for our behavior monthly goal accomplishments.

Another view of this board.

This monthly behavior goal accomplishment is almost done.  I love it because it will be done for the year!!!  Need to add one more thing today and it will be done!!
 Well, headed back into school this morning to wrap up a few more things.  I usually head out by noon because it has been pretty hot around here lately.  I will definitely take and share more pictures of what I wrap up for today!!

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Lori Kolo said...

Love your Behavior Goal Bulletin Board. Are they for sale in your TPT store? I can't find them if they are. Very cute idea!