Aug 9, 2015

Goal Celebrations For Kindergarten Using A Spirit Celebration Bin

The last 2 years I have had a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) theme in my classroom.  Every year I have added more things to it which has been making it pretty easy to create a new classroom look each year.  
We just got back from a week of vacation tonight, but I started working on my to do list for tomorrow!  
We love to celebrate all kinds of goals in our classroom.  We love to celebrate when we reach a goal as a class and when individuals reach their individual goals.  So, I designed/created a celebration bin that we can use when we reach our goals.  I had ordered some things last year from Oriental Trade and used some other items to create our Spirit Celebration Bin!  We also do a Spirit Team at our school as one of our Leadership Teams and these will come in quite handy for that team!!
I used my Cricut machine, a black laundry basket from Wal-Mart, and some scrap ribbon and tulle to create the Spirit Celebration Bin.  I did 2 celebrate sides, so that is why there are only 3 sides showing.  
I will be posting TONS of pictures this week as my room needs to be done by Thursday!!  
We have had several people ask about whether or not we can put our TEAM goal sheets on TPT...well your wishes have come true as SueBeth and I have been working on this packet to make it editable.  I will post pictures tomorrow of these goal sheets and posters that I created last year.  The posters were copied last week and are ready to go again this year!!!  



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