Sep 26, 2015

Math Journals Developing Problem Solving Skills

Our district is using a new math program called Bridges.  I am loving all of the components of this program and the students are becoming quite independent with the work places.  I am also doing the monthly math journals that SueBeth and I created a couple of years ago.  These are so easy to make, just print and they are ready to go.  
Each day the students and I read the problem.  Once we read the problem, we go back and the students decide which words help them solve the problem and which words are what we call "fluff".  There are 20 pages in each month.  I do send them home after each month so that parents can see all of the problem solving that we have been doing.  Our district uses the state math diagnostic test as our SLO and the students do amazing on this test I feel due to all of the problem solving they have done each and every day.  
We are putting these math journals on sale starting today, Saturday, October 26 through Monday October 28.  We have not yet bundled these so you do have to buy each individual month.
These journals typically run $2.00 for each month, but you can get them now through Monday night for $1.60. gluing, cutting, etc. all you need to do is throw them in the copier and they are done.  I do mine each summer for the entire year!! 
Here is the direct link to our TPT store which is also on our side bar:  Busy Bees TPT Store. 


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