Nov 15, 2015

Pilgrim Children Chores and Chore Cards

Last year I saw Julie Lee's post on Pilgrim Children Chores.  I saw it after Thanksgiving break last year and put it on my to do list for this coming year.  So, when we were planning for Pilgrim week this year, I knew this needed to be on my to do list.  We did 4 stations one day and they did each station for 15 minutes.  The kids absolutely loved it and they synergized together on a couple of the stations.  

They loved sewing and thought it was kind of hard work!

Fishing for the family was a definite hit. 
Picking berries was another fun chore that they enjoyed.  I painted some boards green, put stickers where they could put the berries.  They had to put the berries on the tree, pick the berries, and of course some of them pretended to eat some of the berries because they thought it was tiring work.

They loved this station of stuffing their mattresses.  I took plastic grocery bags and they synergized together stuffing it.

This was not on the to do list, but these two thought they needed to try out how soft their mattress was after stuffing it.  They voted to keep their bed at home.
 We had them choose their favorite chore and it was close.  The one with the most votes was fishing.  I would say after a week of learning about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower they definitely put a lot of items on the schema side of their brain.  We first had it in new learning, but I can say it is "stuck" in their mind now for good!!  
Thanks, Julie for helping us with some great activities.
I made some fun pilgrim chore cards and word list to go with this fun week.  We plan on posting these cards soon on TPT.
This past week we worked on Native Americans.  We will post some of those pictures soon!!


Meganb_futureteacher said...

What a neat and fun way to teach the students about some of the things Native American children may have done. As a pre-service teacher, I am always looking all over the internet trying to find engaging lessons and ideas that I can use. This is definitely something that I will keep in mind in the future because I am sure your students remember everything that got said and so much more from the activities. Thanks for the great idea!

Julie said...

I am so glad to see that your kiddos had fun experiencing Pilgrim life!! So much fun!!!