Nov 28, 2015

Snowman Bulbs Handprint 2015 Tags Freebie On TPT...Snowman Theme Parent Gifts

The past few years we have been making snowman handprint bulbs for part of our parent gifts.  The parents absolutely love them and they are so easy to make with each student. This picture came from Pinterest on the bulbs:

We have updated the year on this freebie tag on our TPT store.  Click on this link to grab your freebie:  Snowman Christmas Ornament Tag For Parent Gift Freebie.

I am doing a snowman parent gift Christmas theme this year.  I am having the students make these snowman bulbs and making Mrs. Wills' Wooden Fence Post Snowmen.  We are making both the bulbs and fence posts this week so pictures will come your way.  I have also made a 2015 tag for the daring fence post snowman.  

Guess what my husband gets to do tomorrow...cut the posts the height of each student.  I can't wait to see how these turn out this week!! 

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