Dec 6, 2015

Math Journals and Snowman Parent Gift Done!

Each month my students do a math journal that we read and discuss together.  We decide on key words/numbers that are needed to help us solve the problem with precision!  Each month I collect these math journals to look over their work.  I will have to say that each month I am impressed by what they are doing with math story problem.  At the beginning of the year there is lots of modeling.  Towards the middle of the year, there is very little help, and by the end of the year they are independent math problem solvers.  Here is a peek of what I found in grading my November Math Journals:
We have been talking about organization lately and this student definitely showed organization.

Love the picture, number, and number bonds to solve this word problem.

This particular problem shows comparing numbers.

Another comparing problem...gotta love the ears of corn illustration, too!!

A subtraction problem, but I just had to post this one because I ABSOLUTELY love this picture!!

3D or solid shapes are a great review in our November Math Journal. 

You still have time to grab your December Math Journal.  It is soooooo easy.  You place all 20 pages in the copier, hit print, staple, and you are done for the entire month!!  Since this is our focus item this week, we have it on sale in our TPT store until Tuesday, December 8.  You can grab it for $1.60.  Here is the direct link:  December Math Journal.
My parent projects are ALL DONE!!!  Thanks to an awesome student teacher who wrapped up her student teaching experience last week.  She helped me finish up our adorable Snowman Posts that I sent home on Friday.  I wanted to do a "winter theme" so that they could keep it up until February/March.  I got a text from one of my mom's that after her husband read the poem, he cried!!  I was inspired to make these from DeeDee Wills.  Check out her information on our last post about how to make them.  Here is what mine looked like:
 Up this week is Elf on the Shelf much fun~


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

These are adorable and I have wanted to do them ever since I saw the original post a couple of years ago. This just might be the year, but I need to get on it in a bit fat hurry! Question: I am trying to save money and wonder if it would be possible to get two hats out of each sock? Could I cut the sock in half and sew the open end of the top half and make two hats out of one sock? It looks as though your hats are a bit bigger than Deedee's, but what do you think about my idea?

Kristin said...

Did you paint the nose?

Busy Bees said...

We used foam for the noses and used E600 glue because I was afraid that using a hot glue gun would pop off if they put them outside on their porch. You could definitely paint them, though!

My socks were purchased from Dollar Tree and fit pretty snug on the top. If you get 2 socks out of one sock I would definitely love to know because you are right it would help save money!!!

Ravi said...

its great to see the work of kids. thanks for share.

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