Jan 11, 2016

7 Habits Tool Bags

Our school gives our students 7 Habits Tool Bags to take home to help them remember the 7 habits.  I used some beige and orange striped lunch bags that I found at Target to store the different items that we gave out this year to remind them of a specific 7 habit.  This year I designed a "cover" to staple to the front of the bag.  I also stapled a second page to the bag to remind them of the book that we read to incorporate the habit.  Here is what the outside of our bags looked like: 
Be Proactive:  We gave each student a stress ball.
Begin With The End In Mind:  Each student got a slide puzzle.
Put First Things First:  We gave them a recipe card that we made of course AFTER we made a strawberry shortcake in class.
Think Win-Win: Students were given a Findlay Trojan Leader Friendship Bracelet.
Seek First To Understand:  Students were given a tube of toothpaste to remind them that what toothpaste came out of the tube can't go back in just like our unkind words that can come out of our mouth.
Synergize:  We used old crayons and a crayon maker to melt the old crayons and made new ones.
Sharpen The Saw:  Students were given bubbles

Many of these items were ordered in bulk from Oriental Trade, some were donated from local dentist, and others were things that we had and chose to recycle.

We reviewed all of these last week along with the books that we read with each habit.  The students were so excited to be able to take them home and share their 7 Habits Tool Bag with their families!!  

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