Jun 22, 2016

Homework Binders ALMOST done for 2016-2017

During the summer time, I like to do some of those "big projects" one day a week.  So about a week ago, I started working on my homework binder.  I have to say, I absolutely love my homework binder.  Here is how it works:
I designed a DIBELS based homework binder for my families.  Each night they work on some kind of DIBELS components and their goal is to increase their score each night or keep it at a "high" rate.  I have used this homework binder for several years and my kids/families LOVE IT!  

Another great part is that I really love it as a teacher.  Their DIBELS score soar throughout the year because of their awareness of meeting/exceeding those benchmark goals. 

Even if your district does not use DIBELS, it helps soooooo much with some of the phonemic awareness skills.
We work on letter naming fluency, first sound fluency, segmenting, and nonsense words.

We are almost done with our packet we are going to put on TPT this year that has our covers and binder spines for the homework booklet.  I put my binders for the entire year in a 1.5 binder.  I put a "cutsey cover" on it and put a spin on it and it is done for the year other than a few things I put inside the binder.

I love how the cover printed and can't wait to personalize the spine once we have our class lists, but for now I will just enjoy summer knowing that my binders are 90% finished for the entire year!!!

This picture shows that we are going to offer more than one cover for you to use with your Homework Binder.

We are putting our Homework Booklet For The Entire Year on sale starting June 22 through June 25.  It is typically $12.00 and you can grab it for $9.60.  You can have a direct link by clicking this link:  Homework Booklet For The Entire Year.


Maryann said...

Hi Robynn!
This homework packet looks great. I am hoping to try this and see if my DIBLES scores go up with help from the parents. Do you include other homework assignments- math or handwriting practice? Just wondering and also, do you put this homework packet in a binder or a folder to take home!
Many thanks for your great ideas!

Busy Bees said...

The first 3 weeks of school I have the kids work hard on writing their name correctly. I do not include any math, but a friend of mine did and she just put a label on every Tuesday to tell them there was a math worksheet. I put the packet in a binder for the entire year. I just put a binder clip on the right hand side so that they don't go ahead. I don't do homework Friday, but I check them in. So every Friday I rip out the old homework pages from the week, move the clip so that it is ready to go for Monday night's homework. As far as improvement, I can only speak from my experience...my DIBELS scores have been great since the parents have been helping with these components!!
We hope you give it a try because we know you will love it~

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dojuma said...

these home work looks great for kids

pius said...

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