Apr 11, 2017

Earth Day Word Cards and Word Lists

These were snapshots taken from our writing center that the kids love to use in their own writings.  They like to make cards, write journal entries, label things, etc. A couple of things I like about it is the kids are working independently, they are writing, and it is low prep!!!  Definitely a win-win for the teacher and students both!!!

Check our some of our word cards/wordlists already on our TPT store:
Farm Word Lists
Weather Word Lists
Career Word Lists


Amos said...

What a nice way to teach kids of the importance of taking care of mother earth

Esther said...

Love the independence that comes with it too. So many of our systems do not give the kids the power to think on their own and have a creative space. I just love this.

Mwatha said...

truly busy bees