Apr 11, 2017

Earth Day Word Cards and Word Lists

These were snapshots taken from our writing center that the kids love to use in their own writings.  They like to make cards, write journal entries, label things, etc. A couple of things I like about it is the kids are working independently, they are writing, and it is low prep!!!  Definitely a win-win for the teacher and students both!!!

Check our some of our word cards/wordlists already on our TPT store:
Farm Word Lists
Weather Word Lists
Career Word Lists

Nov 24, 2016

Snowman Ornament Tags Free On TPT

Snowman Christmas Ornament Tags Freebie Click here for the direct link~

Jun 24, 2016

Data Binders and Portfolios Up Next

The last few days have not been "pool" days, so we have been working on wrapping up some of our school projects.  

We have been doing Data Binders/Portfolios for over 20 years at our building.  Each year we have thrown things out and added things that make them even better!  I love using them at conferences any time of the year because it shows parents exactly what their child is doing each month.  The kids absolutely love looking at these Data Binders/Portfolios because they see the progression that they have made towards class goals and specific individual goals.

One of the things we made "better" for the data graphs is made the graphs line plot instead of coloring in a lot of graphs.  This will make is so much EASIER to complete plus the kids will be able to see if the lines go up or dip down.  I used this type of graph last year to talk about our monthly progress monitoring with the STAR testing.  

Here is a sneak peek of our ALMOST finished packet:

These title pages match with my Homework Binders that we blogged about earlier.  We will be adding a name tag "package" to go along with this color scheme.

This is just one of the headings that I use in the Data Binder/Portfolio.  We put our monthly class goals inside here once we evaluate how we did at the end of each month.

Another heading that we use for the students to keep track of group and individual accomplishments.  

This is one of my "new" items this year I am going to progress monitor.  It is so important for kindergarten students to be POLISHED on all phonemic awareness skills.  So, this is where I will keep my documentation on these skills.

Just one of many data sheets that are in the Data Binder/Portfolio that shows the progression towards the letters/sounds.  Once a child has mastered this 2 times in a row, we put our stamp on it that says Goal Reached.  This stamp means I am finished checking it monthly so that I can focus on another skill with that specific student.

At the end of the year we take all of these documents inside the Data Binder/Portfolio and send it home with each child.  I also keep each child's writing throughout the entire year and it gets put into the Data Binder/Portfolio at the end of the year.

I keep these Data Binders/Portfolios inside a 3 ring binder.  I do not send the 3 ring binder home, although you could.  I use rings to keep it all together and put duct tape on the end of the ring so it does not pop open.

Working Smarter, Not Harder:
I reuse the 3 ring binders each year.  This saves me tons of money.  I do laminate the front cover so it keeps everything from ripping!  I also laminate the back cover.  The cute page dividers that I have made for each section of the data binder are laminated, but I do NOT send those home at the end of the year.  I just pull everything out and keep it in order that I have it in the 3 ring binder.
This gives a little picture of how it is organized at the beginning of the year.

This is a better picture of showing how things are organized.
This is another view of the cutsie pages that I use to organize all of the items in the Data Binders/Portfolios.
Our goal when we post this packet on TPT is to make some of these items editable so that you can personalize it for your class and grade level to make it specific for your needs.

Well it appears to be sunny today, so off to some summer fun~

Jun 22, 2016

Homework Binders ALMOST done for 2016-2017

During the summer time, I like to do some of those "big projects" one day a week.  So about a week ago, I started working on my homework binder.  I have to say, I absolutely love my homework binder.  Here is how it works:
I designed a DIBELS based homework binder for my families.  Each night they work on some kind of DIBELS components and their goal is to increase their score each night or keep it at a "high" rate.  I have used this homework binder for several years and my kids/families LOVE IT!  

Another great part is that I really love it as a teacher.  Their DIBELS score soar throughout the year because of their awareness of meeting/exceeding those benchmark goals. 

Even if your district does not use DIBELS, it helps soooooo much with some of the phonemic awareness skills.
We work on letter naming fluency, first sound fluency, segmenting, and nonsense words.

We are almost done with our packet we are going to put on TPT this year that has our covers and binder spines for the homework booklet.  I put my binders for the entire year in a 1.5 binder.  I put a "cutsey cover" on it and put a spin on it and it is done for the year other than a few things I put inside the binder.

I love how the cover printed and can't wait to personalize the spine once we have our class lists, but for now I will just enjoy summer knowing that my binders are 90% finished for the entire year!!!

This picture shows that we are going to offer more than one cover for you to use with your Homework Binder.

We are putting our Homework Booklet For The Entire Year on sale starting June 22 through June 25.  It is typically $12.00 and you can grab it for $9.60.  You can have a direct link by clicking this link:  Homework Booklet For The Entire Year.