Apr 30, 2012

Pictures From Earth Day and An Earth Day Freebie Stamp

We wrapped up our Earth Day study last week with an Earth Day stamp project.  The kids chose either reduce, reuse, or recycle to write a sentence about.  Then after the sentence was written, they drew a picture to match what they wrote about.  I then mounted all of our projects on the front and back of our paper.  Here is the final project along with samples and a freebie for you to add to your files.  Leave us a comment if you grab our freebie...hope you had a great Earth Day celebration with your class.
Front of our Earth Day Project.

Back of our Earth Day Project.

I love to help the Earth.  I can reduce water when I am taking a bath.  This one just cracked me up with the picture!!

I am going to save the Earth and pick up cans.

I like the Earth.
I like to help the Earth.  I can recycle glass at home.
We used a different "stamp" pattern, but created a freebie stamp for your students to use for a special project.  ENJOY!!

Earth Day Stamp

Apr 28, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Units and May Math Journal Are Up

We have 2 new units based around the literature book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.   Both of these units are now up  on TPT.  See pictures on our previous posts.  We have completed our Very Hungry Caterpillar Math Centers and our Very Hungry Caterpillar Art Project/Caterpillar Journal Unit.  Next up on our list for this week is our literacy unit based around this theme. 

Our May Math Journal is up on TPT, too.  This has so many different standards that we are reviewing for this month.  Last month I started to have the kids read and solve these on their own and they have been doing wonderful.  They also circle key words in the problem that they need in order to solve the problem.
Just picked up pictures to work on our Mother's Day project for this week.  Will be posting pictures real soon of our coasters.  Have never tried these before, saw it on Pinterest and thought they looked cute.  Any suggestions on making coasters if you have made them before?!?!

Apr 26, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Caterpillar Bag and Art Project

Here is another fun project that the students have been introduced to this week...it is a Caterpillar Take Home Journal Bag.  See pictures and descriptions below on this  project.  Here is a direct link to our Very Hungry Caterpillar Art Project on TPT. 

Apr 25, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Math Centers

So excited about this new packet soon to be up on our TPT store sometime today, Wednesday, April 25.  We will let you know and do another post .  I started it Monday and the students wanted to do another center rotation because they had so much.  They told me they love doing math centers.  Doesn't this make it worth our time of creating, cutting, and laminating when you hear comments like that!!

If you want a direct link to our compose/decompose unit, just click here: Number Sets Composing Numbers

Apr 22, 2012

Freebie...Earth Day Word List...Happy Earth Day!!

Last week we completed a lot of Earth Day Activities. We did a 5 day Science Center rotation and the kids loved it. We did lots of writings last week over these fun centers and the kids wrote so much.  I will share pictures of our activities real soon!!  We will also give you a "stamp" freebie that the kids drew on how they were going to help the Earth! 

Next up...The Very Hungry Caterpillar Unit.  I am headed into school today to print May Math Journals which should be up on TPT later tonight!!  Close to finishing up lots of Very Hungry Caterpillar activities!   Many fun art, literacy, and math projects, too!! 

Here is an EARTH DAY Word list that we hope you can use in your classroom.  Our graphics are compliments of DJ Inkers and Scrappin Doodles!!  Let us know if you snatch it by leaving a comment for us!!
Earth Day Word List

Apr 19, 2012

Bear Unit Giveaway Winner

Kelly, from Kindergarten Kel, is the winner of our Bear Unit Giveaway! All she needs to do is send us an email with her email address and we will send her all five bear units.  Special thanks to  Rachelle from What The Teacher Wants and Erica from Erica Bohrer's First Grade for teaming up with us for this great giveaway!

Apr 17, 2012

Build A Teddy Bear Project Off The To Do List and Beary Giveaway Continues

Finally, today was the day to complete our Build A Teddy Bear project from our Art, Literacy, Math, and Center Activities With A Teddy Bear Twist Unit (click here to go directly to our TPT store).  The kids had a blast doing this fun activity.  Here are some of the Build A Teddy Bear Samples from today~

We hung them up at the end of the day so that the glue could dry over night.  Going to add a title to this bulletin board area. 
The other half of our Build A Teddy Bears.  Each one is so unique!!  

This student was so proud of hers and said that she wished it was real.

Sample of one of the boy teddy bears.  This teddy bear was dressed for summer!!  I would love to be dressed for summer, too!

Don't get left behind...sign up for our "Beary" Fun Giveaway.  See our Saturday, April 14 post to get sign up!!

Apr 16, 2012

Don't Forget Our "Beary" Giveaway and Mystery Number Bag

I started last week our Mystery Number bag because I felt the kids knew a lot about numbers.  Each student will get to take our Mystery Number bag home at least once in the next 32 days.  There is a number inside, and the student has to use 3 clues to describe the number.  They present one clue at a time, and then the students get 3 chances to guess the number.  If they don't get the number, then clue #2 is read...3 students will guess, and then finally the last clue with 3 guesses.  We started it last week and so far the students have only needed 1-2 clues.  They have not yet needed the 3rd clue!!  YEAH!!  I do 2 bags so that more kiddos can participate.  We do it at the beginning of our math lesson, right before our Math Journals. 

Reviewing Patterning in our April Math Journals.  The kids are reading these on their own first.  Then we read them together discussing important words to circle.  Then finally they solve their math journal independently.  Our Math Journals have been a fun activity that the kids really enjoy and it reviews all of the standards that we have worked on this year in kindergarten.  Click here for a peek at our April Math Journal.  Our May Math Journal will be on TPT real soon!

Student giving a clue of the number inside the Mystery Number Bag.  His clues were it is an even number, it is less than 10, and it is more than 4.  Our Mystery Number Bag can also be found on our TPT store by clicking here on Number Activities-Counting and Multiples of 10.

Inside the mystery number bag were pennies.  We reviewed the concept of a penny...who was on the front of a penny, how much is a penny worth, and together counted the pennies in the baggie to reinforce counting one-to-one correspondence.  He's one happy mystery number bag "camper"!! 
Last, but not least, don't forget about our "Beary" Fun giveaway that we are hosting.  Leave comments and see details on our post on April 14.  GOOD LUCK!!!

Apr 14, 2012

We've Teamed Up With Rachelle and Erica For A Spring Bear Unit Giveaway

Spring has definitely sprung, so we have teamed up with Rachelle from What The Teacher Wants and Erica from Erica Bohrer's First Grade to offer you a chance to win some "Beary" Fun Bear Units that you can use.  We are making it "beary" simple.  

Please follow all 3 blogs and leave one comment on Busy Bees Blog telling us that you follow all 3 blogs.
What The Teacher Wants
Erica Bohrer's First Grade
Busy Bees

For a second chance to win, please follow all 3 of our TPT stores and leave one comment on Busy Bees Blog telling us that you follow all 3 TPT stores.  Here are the links for our TPT stores:
Rachelle's TPT Store
Erica's TPT Store and
Busy Bees TPT Store under Robynn Drerup

So, here are the "BEAR" Facts:  

You have 2 chances to win these great units by leaving your comments on Busy Bees Blog.

The giveaway will start Saturday, April 14 and end on midnight Wednesday, April 18 Ohio time.  Don't miss out on a chance to win some fun "beary" ideas to help you wrap up a "Beary" good school year.  

Here are the units that you will have 2 chance to win:

Got Started With Our Build A Bear Art Project...How Do You Set Up A Linky Party

The kids and I had planned that all week after our special in the afternoon that we would do our Build A Teddy Bear Art Project from our Teddy Bear Twist Unit for grades Kindergarten-First Grade.  They were soooo excited.  As I was getting things out while they were gone, there was this announcement that all boys needed to come to the gym for a Boy Scout meeting.  Of course, I thought you have got to be kidding me!!  This meeting lasted longer than usual it seemed, so the girls and I made a classroom management decision...we could cut out the teddy bears when the boys came back, but there was NO way we were going to get all of the dressing and embellishments onto our teddy bears before it was time to go home.  So, we had to put things away before the boys came back.  We then all cut out our teddy bears, got our bookbags, and headed out for a recess to end the day.  So, I took pictures of us cutting them out, nothing fancy so I will save it for Monday's post. 

In the meantime, does anybody know how to start a linky?  I would love to see one with all of the fun Mother's Day projects that everybody does.  I think I have an idea for mine.  I need to get busy on it today because I lose 3 college student helpers this week, and what a perfect project for them to help with.  I am headed to Lowe's or Home Depot today.  If ya know how to do a linky party and it's easy, fill me in and I will do it.  I know how to link, but not for certain how to allow people to link to us for a Linky Party.  FILL ME US!!! 

Apr 12, 2012

Free Teddy Bear Counting Sets 11-20 and Peek At Spring Teddy Bear Unit

We went back to school from Spring Break on Tuesday and it has been so busy at school.  Our first day back we did a lot of wrap up things that we wanted to get off of our to do list and sent home.  We did our March Writing Rubric Writing and did some language arts/math assessments that I wanted to get wrapped up before I started our new Teddy Bear Centers.  The kids kept asking me when we were going to start our bear centers.  I had everything done, just not enough hours in the day.  So we finally started our centers on Wednesday and the kids have been working so hard with these math centers.  Tomorrow we get to do our Build A Teddy Bear Project so I will have to take pictures of those to share with you.  Here are some pictures of just some of our center activities that can be found on our new Art, Literacy, Math, and Center Activities With A Teddy Bear Twist (click on this title to take you directly to TPT).   It is our biggest unit yet because it contains art, literacy, math and center activities.

This center actually came from our Number Sets Composing Numbers Centers.  There are sets for numbers to 0-10 and 11-20.  Click here to take you directly to that link on TPT  Number Sets Composing Numbers.

This student is working on a differentiated activity to adding fluently to 10.

This center activity has the student spinning the spinner and then counting on from that given number.  These spinners contained the number 10 and the teen numbers.

Team members working together to understand how to fluently subtract to 5.

This center has the students using spinners with the numbers 0-9 to help master this adding on from a given number standard.  

Again, these are just a few of the center activities that you will find in this new Teddy Bear Twist Unit. In our unit, we have an activity that is called Teddy Bear Counting Sets 1-10.  We thought we would give you a freebie of what this looks like by giving you the same version, but with sets 11-20.

Let us know if you grab our freebie by leaving us a comment.  I just used it today as an assessment for our last grade card.  The kids had a fun time counting these bear themed objects.
Teddy Bear Counting Sets 11-20 Grayscale