Jul 17, 2012

Books, Books, Books

Wow!  It has been a great first two days at the Mazza Summer Institute.  I've heard a lot of great talks and bought a lot of books to be autographed.

Carmen Bernier-Grand and Dan Yaccarino talked yesterday.  Carmen, originally from Puerto Rico does lots of books in both Spanish and English.  She said that this was her first conference key note that she presented in English and as she was planning for it she realized that she was actually thinking in English ... just with a little Spanish accent.  

Dan talked lots about his books and other projects.  Besides writing and illustrating several books, he has developed the characters for the animated show about Oswald the Octopus and all of the characters for the tv show the Backyardigans.  

This morning Janet Stevens and her sister Susan Stevens Crummel did a two hour presentation on their books.  After a tag team talk, Janet did some drawing while Susan gave lots of ideas on how to use their books across the curriculum.  

This afternoon, Boris Kulikov, originally from Russia, shared about his life and the process he uses to make his illustrations.  

I am introducing Mary Higgins Clark tomorrow and still need to write the introduction!  Guess I better go get started.  

Hope everyone is having a good week with whatever you have going on.  Robynn returns from vacation tonight and will be back to reality (with a little jet lag) tomorrow.

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