Sep 30, 2012

Progress Monitoring/RTI Freebie

I have this same exact stamp that I bought a long time ago.  I use it to let students/parents know that their child is on target with certain goals that we are assessing.
Here is what I am doing this week and upcoming weeks to let myself, the students, and parents know if their child is "ON TARGET" with certain goals we have for the first 9 weeks.

My kids are doing outstanding with their letters and sounds.  I just finished up September Data binder results for each student in my room and they are recorded.  Some kids know all letters/sounds, some kids are down to just a couple of letters and/or sounds, and yes, a couple of students are still working on quite a few.  So, I designed something that I am going to clip on their homework booklet for parents to help with this weekly goal.  Before I cut them apart, I will make a copy for me to keep on my desk.  This copy will allow me to pull a student every now and then during the week to work on those harder letters for that student.  This could also be used with a parent volunteer.  If someone has a lot of letters/sounds to learn then I would only highlight a few of those letters/sounds so that it doesn't become overwhelming for them.

I also plan on making something like this for my popcorn words, numbers, shapes, etc. I am going to focus on things that are on our first grade card so that they are things we have worked on hard. 

 This Week's Goal

Sep 26, 2012

Apple Unit In Progress and New Weather Unit/Craftie Almost Done


This week we have been focusing on informative pieces of writing and literature.  The students are really beginning to understand that the author's purpose is to give us information so that we know more about a given topic.  With Johnny Appleseed's birthday being September 26, I though it would be a great opportunity to hit some informational pieces of reading and writing with the kids this week.  So, we have been writing and reading about fall and Johnny Appleseed.
Our Math Centers this week have taken the Apple Twist, too.  Our centers are up and moving on the new counting and cardinality standards with numbers 0-20.  Here are just some pictures of our new Apple Themed Math Centers.  Head over to our TPT store to snatch this "APPLE-LICOUS" Unit called Apple Themed Math Centers for just $3.50.   These pictures are just a few of the centers offered in this apple themed packet!

Counting objects to 10 using the apple theme.

Counting apples 11-20 with an apple theme twist for those kiddos ready for the teen numbers.  Fun and easy way to differentiate!!

Another center offering differentiation with students working on numbers 11-20. 

Counting dots and using apple cards to help with numbers 0-10 is the goal of this center.

Sneak peek of students working on our Weather Booklet.  We will be wrapping it up next week and putting it all together on TPT.  It supports the new Science standards for weather. 

Sep 20, 2012

October Behavior Chart Freebie

It's so hard to believe that next week is the last week of September.  I was going through my to do list and knew that it meant making the new October Behavior Chart.  We are offering 2 different charts.  Our district has Monday, October 8 off due to Columbus Day and Teacher In-Service.  So, the calendar that I will need to use is having that Monday off.  However, not everyone has Monday off, so we made a calendar with no special days off. 

If you do not have a SCRIBD account to download it from below, then head on over to our TPT link October Behavior Chart to grab it there.  Pumpkin used for this October behavior chart is once again the fabulous Melonheadz Clipart!!

Data Binder information for the first of the school year is almost complete.  Hopefully pictures will be coming this weekend as I have been working really hard on getting data finished up.  

October Behavior Chart

Sep 17, 2012

7 Habits, Math Journals, First Sound Fluency Center, and Apple Theme Word Cards

Our school is in it's first year of Leader In Me training.  The past few weeks the students have been working really hard on Habit 2:  Begin With The End In Mind.  They are really understanding this habit.  We have also worked hard on Habit 1:  Be Proactive.   

It was a busy Monday in my classroom.  We started school towards the end of August, but I knew I wanted my students to complete their August Math Journals and be on target with the September Math Journals.  So, we have worked like dogs, but we just wrapped up our August Math Journals today and are right on schedule with the September Math Journals.  We do Math Journals the first thing each day of our math lesson.  It is a great discussion time and the students love doing it!  We also circle key words in the journal that we say helps us solve the problem. 

Next week we will be working on informational text and informative writing. So we are sneaking in a little bit of Johnny Appleseed to meet the common standards.  Here are some word cards that I am going to put at my writing center.  I also made a set to put on our word wall.  There were just posted on our TPT store for just $1.00 click here for the link:  Apple Word List and Word Wall.  This set also comes with a word list with an apple twist.

Just started working last week on First Sound Fluency.  They have done a great job with understanding this concept.  This center has the students landing on an object, they must tell their partner the name of the object, then make the sound, and finally find the letter on the provided worksheet and trace it.  This fun Dibels Practicing Center of First and Ten(First Sound Fluency Practice) can also be found on our TPT store by clicking this link:  First and Ten With First Sound Fluency for just $2.00.
Student playing a First Sound Fluency Game today working on that Dibels component.

Working on First Sound Fluency and handwriting.

Last page of our August Math Journal.  Students were just introduced to AB patterning and did a GREAT job with this new concept.

Practicing our numbers 0-10 was a focus with this journal.

Tracing and making our own 2-D flat shapes was just another  chance for us to review shapes from our shape unit!

 All of our math journals can be found on our TPT store and are VERY EASY to make each month.  Pop the pages in the copier, hit the desired number, staple the booklets, and they are done!!  No cutting, gluing, etc.

We just updated our October Math Journal.  We added page numbers and a "jazzier" title page.  Make sure you check your TPT purchase for the revised version!  Click this link to purchase your October Math Journal for just $2.00.  These journals also cover the new common core standards.

Up Next:  Pictures of the things I currently have in my Data Binders.  
Just started today my new Weather Unit that we will be putting up on TPT in the next week.  This unit has lots of kindergarten age appropriate literature books, weather crafties, and weather projects that covers the new science standards.  Watch for this unit coming soon.  I will have lots of pictures on this fun unit. 

Sep 15, 2012

Freebies...New 2012-2013 Data Binders On TPT

SueBeth just helped me wrap up my new 2012-2013 Data Binder Dividers to use this coming year in our Data Binders.  We put these on our TPT store as a freebie.  Click on these words: Data Binder Dividers to take yourself right to the direct link for your freebies.  More will be coming shortly, but this is what I needed to get myself started.  We made them so that they are not only kindergarten friendly, but can be used throughout various grade levels.  I have lots of documents to put into them all ready.  

For the letters/sounds we did an assessment the first day of school when we administered the KRAL test.  So, these August letters/sounds assessments were entered into the Letters/Sounds part of the Data Binder.  We did our first writing at the beginning of September and used the writing rubric to assess these writings.  These were sent home for the parents to see their child's beginning writing sample and also filed into my Writing Data Binder section.  Our month behavior charts were collected at the end of August and were filed into the Monthly Behavior section.  

Starting this week kindergarten will begin giving our pre and post tests in Science and Social Studies since we are starting our weather unit.  These will be kept in another file called Data Collection.  This collection will NOT be able to go home due to actual tests being given to the students.  I will also be keeping my reading diagnostic tests, Math Diagnostic test, and other assessment results for this collection.  All of these assessments will be used to show a year's growth in most of the subject areas.  This is the first year that we have had to do this type of collection.  

I love to organize things and enjoy showing growth to students, parents, and myself to help drive my instruction.  I have collected so many things over the past several years.  So doing this type of a collection is right up my alley.  It is also nice to work with SueBeth because designing grids and things on the computer is right up her alley!!

Watch for pictures coming as I will wrap up the headings of these Data Binders and what the beginning of these collections will look like for this year!


Sep 11, 2012

2-D Shapes Unit Is Underway

For the last 2 weeks, we have been working hard on identifying our 2-D flat shapes, counting corners, counting sides, and having fun with different centers.  We just wrapped up one of the books that is in our Flat Shape 2-D Unit.  The students had a great time reading the book and buttering(highlighting) our popcorn words. We are going to practice reading our books a couple more days this week before we take them home.  Next up with our shape unit is some sorting shapes, our edible 2-D flat shapes activities, positional words, and using other objects in the environment to create other flat shapes. 
Here is a sample of what our booklets looked like:

This booklet was a fun activity to integrate across the curriculum.  We used our math standards along with some reading standards.  We assessed the students over 2-D shapes and I am hoping that they did a wonderful job.  I am going to predict the hexagon was the hardest one!  SueBeth helped me design some assessment sheets and checklists that I will show how I am using to help drive my instruction.

Sep 8, 2012

Showing A Year Of Growth...Data Binders

The past couple of weeks and the next couple of weeks the kids have been tested, tested, and tested for a base score in many areas.  Here is the testing that they have done or will be doing:

At screening they did the KRAL test which we used the capital and lowercase letters from that to use in our August Data Binders.

Next up was our DIBELS base.  There was a "SWAT" team that came and helped test our students with the DIBELS.  Our district hires a substitute that floats around the building for the day.  The substitute comes into our classroom so that I can be a part of the "SWAT" team for my class.  Once the testing is done, I go back into my room and the sub and the "SWAT" team moves onto another classroom.  For this first part of DIBELS, all of my kids were done within probably 40 minutes.

This past Friday I gave my students the Writing base for this school year.  BEFORE I got started, I talked with the kids that we are all going to be PROACTIVE (remember we work on the 7 habits) and that everyone is going to do their best.  We discussed that nobody was going to cry and that it was ok is we didn't know how to write a sentence about what we would bring to school for a show and tell day.  We also talked about it was ok if we could just get one letter down, but we were all going to try to do our best.  Then, I read them a story about bring something to school for show and tell.  We discussed the story, I passed out the writing paper to them.  Everyone went back to their seat.  We even put our offices up so that we knew it was our best work and we were going to concentrate inside our office.  I am thrilled to say that not one student cried...I was SOOOOOO proud of their efforts. Once I collected them, my student teacher met with them one on one for them to tell her what they wrote.  Now I have to copy these writings, evaluate them, and place them into their Data Binder.  Then in May, I will be reading the same story and evaluating them and seeing if they show a year's growth.  Every month I will be reading a story, putting offices up, and evaluating a writing so that I can progress monitor their writing.  I copy all of these monthly writings, evaluate them, put them in their Data Binders, and send a copy home.

This week our librarian and computer teacher will come into my room during my library/computer special time to conduct the Dibels Math with my students.  They will bring 23 laptops into my classroom and have the students take this test.

Also this week, my students will be given the new Ohio Reading Diagnostic by our "SWAT" team.  There will be 2 reading teachers along with a substitute that will come to my classroom sometime this week to pull the students out in the hall to get a base score for this Reading Test.

The week of September 17, a SWAT team will be coming and testing the kids on the new OHIO Math Diagnostic.  Once again, the team will just be sitting at tables out in the hallway and calling my students one by one out in the hall to give this math assessment.

With all of that said, I need to start concentrating on getting some progress monitoring on what I am doing in my class with letters/sounds and 2-D shape things.  So, this week, I plan on testing the kids on their capital letters, lowercase letters, 33 sounds, and naming the 2-D shapes so that I can send a report home to parents.  I use this report(actual assessment sheets that I have made) to send home to parents to let them see how their child did on those particular standards.  I also use this information to take things off of their homework skill ring.  If the students know all of these items, then I can also mark it on the grade card which will go home to parents on November 2.

This weekend I need to "revamp" some of my DATA Binder sheets to match the new standards.  Once I have done that, I will share these with you as a freebie!  So keep checking back to grab these freebies.

I have pictures of the kids in action, but I have to send home my permission slip to parents first before I can post these pictures.

Sep 2, 2012

2-D Flat Shape Unit and Centers Begin

I went into school to organize my 2-D flat shape centers for the upcoming week.  This week is going to be a lot of modeling with the students.  I am going to model 2 centers each day so that the students understand what I want them to do at the centers.  Our district uses Growing With Math series, so I will also be implementing this also during my math time.  We started August Math Journals last week which is a concentration of writing numbers.  I am going to start our September Math journals on Tuesday of this week.  A lot of math is planned for this week, but I think the kids will love the hands on activities that I have planned for them.  Here are the centers and some 2-D flat activities that I will be doing this upcoming 4 day week.

These 2 centers are counting 2-D shapes and spinning/graphing 2-D shapes.  Students will also say the names of the shapes they are counting and graphing.

Another 2 centers that the students will be introduced to this week with the same review as the above 2 centers.

Counting the number of sides and graphing/naming 2 -D shapes are the focus on these 2 centers.

Graphing/Naming 2-D shapes and Counting the number of corners are the goals of these 2 centers.

Using ipods/ipads and graphing/naming 2-D shapes are what the students are going to be doing at this center.

Here is what I store my centers in for the week.  The M stands for the word Math and the number is the number of center that they go to for that specific day.

So, here is what the 2 drawers look like for the first center.  Each day the students do 2 centers.  Usually 1 is something that I will "grade" and the other is something that I look at, but is "endless".  Endless means that they should be able to play and play the game and never get done!!

Here is what my new version of my center organization looks like for this year.  I have to make the table color cards yet to move each day.  I will have those made by Tuesday so that I can share them with you.

Here are the September Math Journals that are all ready to go!!

Additional 2-D shape resources that I will be doing this week and next week with the students. 

If you would like to take a look at a lot of my fun centers and Math Lesson activities for 2-D shapes click on the following activities that will take you to our TPT store:

Shape Booklet contains both 2-D and 3-D shapes.
Shape Posters contains 2-D shape posters to use around the room or as a booklet to review shapes each day.
September Math Journal For Back To School to be used each day of the month. 
Flat Shape 2-D Unit this unit is packed with tons of whole group, small group, and center activities that focus on the new math standards. 

This week I will also focus on my September writing packet.  I started writing with the kids on the first day of school and will be sending the August Writing Packets home this week.  I will share samples with you before I send them home.