Dec 25, 2013

Polar Express, Gingerbread Houses, and January Fun

The last week of school was so much fun.  We did our traditional dress up in pj's on Friday to watch our Polar Express movie.  The kids of course loved their hot chocolate.  They decorated a gingerbread boy/girl with icing and TONS of sprinkles.  So, they voted as a class to take their donuts home and enjoy them for a late night snack or breakfast in the morning.

When we return from break our Math focus will be measurement.  We are going to review counting and cardinality, too.  We are working hard on writing our numbers correctly to 20 when counting objects at random.  
The second week in January is when we will be presenting our Math Data Binder and Math Journal items at the Kindergarten Conference in Ohio.  We will be sharing how to make sure you are covering the common core standards, how to assess them, and how to show growth for each student. 
We will be starting our January Math Journal as soon as we go back to school on January 6.  Check it out on our TPT store:  January Math Journal.  It is so easy, NO ink, just place it into the copier and you are ready to go for the entire month.
My daughter and I made some fun things with my silhouette and cricut prior to Christmas.  We are from Ohio, so most of it is GO BUCKS stuff.  
Later this week I will be wrapping up some school things with my silhouette and cricut that I will also share.  Our 100th day is not that far away along with all of the fun January themes!!
Yard sign to use after winter is gone~

Etched plate with OSU and Buckeys on the plate.

Coffee/Hot chocolate mug with Findlay and Trojans etched on it.  Our school is called Findlay Trojans.  Think I might do these for my class next year with a Christmas twist.  Mugs are cheap at Dollar Tree and serve it with the Polar Express!

Dec 7, 2013

Snowman Christmas Ornament Freebie and Winter Fest

Gotta say that I am celebrating the fact that I have my ornaments that the kids make for their parents done, wrapped, and sent home!  Each year we make those adorable snowman ornaments that you make with your hands, sharpie markers, and a snowman bag that the kids create.  The cute little snowman ornament tag has the be changed each year to say the date, so if you are making these and want the ornament tag, head on over to our TPT store and save yourself some time Snowman Tag.  We have included the snowman ornament poem, a tag if you wrap yours and the kids need to address who it is to and from.
Here is the wrapped snowman ornament.  The students made this snowman bag, used batting to help protect the glass bulb inside the bag, and wrote the tag on the front of the bag.

Snowman bulb along with 2013 snowman poem to go along with the bulb.

Our PTO has a winter fest and it was just held on Friday night.  Teachers were encourage to create something that would be donated for parents to buy raffle tickets for a chance to win some of the donated items.  My daughter, who happens to be blessed with creativity, created this Christmas Cheer wreath for me to donate.  We also created the Reindeer Root Beer to go along with the Christmas cheer theme.  
Reindeer food and lots of fun Christmas crafts and centers are up for the next week at school.  Watch for some fun pictures on these events, too. 
I personally think this wreath looks pretty good on my backdoor, so I am thinking she might just have to make me one!

So easy to make and the kids loved them!

Dec 2, 2013

Christmas Units and Presenting at Ohio's Kindergarten Conference

I brought home my Christmas units over Thanksgiving break.  It takes up a couple of large rubbermaid embarrassing is that!?!?!  Even with that said, I told SueBeth that I still needed some new things to match some of the standards better.  So, we created a new unit surrounded around the Counting and Cardinality standards.  It's called Christmas Counting Centers Missing Numbers, Counting On, and Making 10.   on sale right now for $2.40. 
There are at least 5 different centers in which 2 of the centers we have given additional worksheet opportunities so that you can differentiate to help all learners.

Tonight I copied and laminated these centers and they are ready to go for Tuesday!!  My kids are going to be excited.  
Here is a sneak peek of the centers:
I copied, laminated, and cut out these fun center games tonight for some of my counting and cardinality center games.
Our other exciting news...back later this summer SueBeth and I were contacted to present at the Second Grade and Kindergarten Ohio conferences.  Since SueBeth retired in May, she decided that she would help me present for the Ohio Kindergarten Conference in January.  We are presenting our Monthly Math journals and ways to use them in the classroom to challenge all levels of learners.  We will also be sharing data binder ideas so that you can show monthly growth in different math areas.  

I have been collecting all levels of learners math journals since September to share at the conference.  We will also have some videos of my classroom and how the kids solve and present their math journals each day.  The BEST thing about these journals is that you pop them in the copier, staple them, and all 20 days worth for the month are ready to go.  There is no cutting, gluing, etc.  These journal entries have been designed around the common core math standards.  So, if you have not yet tried them, you might want to snatch up a December or January one to see how to use these powerful problem solving journals in your classroom.  We use pictures, words, and numbers to represent our problems.  Here is a direct link to some of the monthly journals.  
December Math Journal is on sale right now for $1.60 
January Math Journal for $1.60

If you use your TPT code of CYBER you will get an additional 10% off.  This is a great time to grab some monthly journals.  We have one for each month.  Check them out on our TPT store.


Dec 1, 2013

Busy Week and TPT Sale

WOW!!  In all of my years of teaching this was the first year that we had the entire week off for Thanksgiving break.  Can I say this was the best week and we got so much done!!  Of course, I am sitting at my computer right now almost done planning for the next 2 weeks.  I kind of got on a roll. 
The first week in December we are focusing on counting and cardinality again.  Some students are wrapping up numbers 0-10 while most students are working hard on those teen numbers 11-20.  So, SueBeth and I put together a packet wrapped around the Christmas theme with counting and cardinality.  It's called Christmas Counting Centers-Missing Numbers, Counting On, and Making Ten.  

I told myself that I had to wrap up all of my school work here real soon so that I can start my Cyber Monday shopping.  I have sent texts reminding my children that they need to be giving me some great Christmas wish list ideas.  Of course, I might have to do a little shopping myself.
Don't forget to do a little shopping yourself on TPT.  We have put our entire store on sale for 20% off and don't forget to add the code to get your additional discount.

Nov 16, 2013

Sorting Contiunes and Poem Booklets

I am kind of sad that our sorting unit is coming to an end this coming week.  We have had so much fun sorting.  Yes, I did say we.  My job is to find things for them to sort each day.  The "game" we are playing is that they try to sort their objects in a way that Mrs. Drerup has never seen or thought of before in all of her years of teaching.  I will have to say they have definitely challenged their little brains to try to add their name to the "you met the challenge" list!! 
Pom pom sorting one day

Lego sorting another day

Block sorting

More block sorting

Vehicle sorting

The kids just love learning poems each month.  At the end of the day, this is a great "time filler" when we have a couple of minutes before the bell rings.  They love requesting poems from previous months.  They love when we get out our poem booklets and do some word work in our poems.  We have our poems on our SMARTBoard morning meeting slides to practice each morning, but they love chanting these throughout the day.  If you are needing some great poems that are kindergarten friendly check out our Poem Booklets on TPT called Poem and Song Collection For An Entire Year.  They are ready for you to just pop into the copier and make booklets or you can use them other ways in your classroom. 

This past week was my birthday.  Does my family know me or what?!?!  I had a Diet Coke cake waiting for me when I got home after school.  Then a bag of Target popcorn and Target gift card from my kids was also beside my Diet Coke cake.  Guess my own children know their momma's addictions and how to keep her happy!!

Fun activities this week planned for wrapping up our Thanksgiving Present and Past Unit.  Watch for some freebies this week, too on our TPT store.

Nov 12, 2013

3D Shape Unit and Sorting

Last week I wrapped up our 3D shape unit.  This week we have been working hard on sorting.  I wanted to make sure that the students still worked hard on their 3D Shape names, so I threw many 3D Shape items into centers this week.  The students are having a blast with these fun activities and at the same time, they are reviewing standards that we worked hard on during our big 3D unit.
Here are some pictures of just a few of our 3D shape activities:

 Sorting is our main focus this week.  We have pulled out TONS of math manipulatives.  The students started out sorting things by color.  Many did blue and not blue, yellow and not yellow, or blue/red/green/yellow/orange/etc.  Today we expanded our sorting beyond colors.  I challenge the students to think of other ways that you could sort the items at their table.  One table had different types of vehicles that we used for sorting.  A student at that table put all of the fire trucks/buses/cars in one pile and said these all travel on the ground.  Then in another pile they put airplanes and said these travel up in the sky.  For the last pile, they put boats and said they travel in the water!!  I told her that in all my years of teaching with these counters, I never had a student who sorted the vehicles that way!! 

Nov 3, 2013

Carson-Dellosa Giveaway Winner

When we chose comment #3 for the giveaway it seemed right that it was 'Stellaluna' who won - considering that the contest closed on October 31st! 

Oct 29, 2013

Carson-Dellosa Giveaway

We were so excited when Carson-Dellosa contacted us to take part in their review of a new product and at the same time take part in a fabulous giveaway to a lucky winner!!  The product that we were asked to review is their new Common Core Connections.  These are workbooks that are designed to help students review common core standards.  These pages can be used for assessment, remediation, progress monitoring, and differentiation.  The great thing about this series is that these workbooks are available in math and language arts.

If you would like a chance to win one of these booklets (math or language arts) please leave a comment on our blog and be sure to tell us the following important information in your comment:
The grade level that you would like your Common Core Connections booklet to be if you are the winner.
Please state your preference of either the Math or Language Arts booklet.
Please leave your email so that we can contact you if you are the winner.

This giveaway begins Tuesday, October 29 and will end on Thursday, October 31 at midnight EST.  Good luck!! 

Oct 15, 2013

Data Binder Evidence Pictures

I have 2 more make up conferences next week and I am officially done with fall conferences.  For my conferences, I always fill out a "sloppy copy" of the grade card so that I can explain the grade card to parents.  I also share their child's data binder with them so that they can see the growth and documentation since the first day of school.  Using data binders is such a POWERFUL tool and parents love to see the growth.  The data binder is also great evidence to show your principal at the end of the year of at least a year's growth in all subject areas. 
Here are a few pictures of the data binder information that I shared at my conferences:

We have our data binder graphs and cover pages available on our TPT store.  Head over to check out these great deals!! 
Data Binder Cover and Dividers
Data Binder Reading Graphs and Recording Sheets Sheets-Freebie
Dibels Progress Monitoring Graphs
If you would like something other than the TEAM theme, we have been doing custom orders.  Just send us an email through our gmail account.

At the end of the year, these Data Binders go home with the students and they are a great collection of the student's work throughout an entire year!!

Oct 13, 2013

Grade Cards, TPT Sale, Wedding, and Progress Monitoring Evidence

This week will be kind of crazy for me.  I just wrapped up my conferences last week and this week is the end of the 9 weeks which means grade card time.  Lucky for me, it should not take me that long to wrap up my grade cards.  Ours are on the computer and it's so nice that my daughter will help punch them in as I look at the checklists!! 

My son is getting married this coming Saturday and my sister, daughter, and I do wedding decorations, so we are going to be QUITE busy this week.  They are planning on 350 people which means lots of table decorations.  I did take Friday off, but as you are aware it is taking me a little while to plan to be out on Friday.

As I was into school yesterday cleaning up and planning for this week.  I wrapped up some of my progress monitoring data.  I also filed it into my kids' Data Binder booklets that I shared at conferences last week.  What a powerful tool to use and for parents to see their child's progress.  

Our TPT store is on sale through Monday of this week.  Everything is 20% off and of course you can use the additional 10% TPT code of FB100K.  

Headed in to school later tonight and I will post pictures of Data Binders and My Personal Evidence Binders to my evaluation this year!! 


Oct 8, 2013

Conferences ALMOST Done!!

Love, love, love the fact that our district supports us doing conferences early in the year to communicate with the parents.  Our 9 weeks is over in 2 weeks.  There are sooooo many advantages of doing it this early in the year.  I will have to say that I have had a discussion about practicing DIBELS components with every parent.  My homework booklet is based around the DIBELS components.  We have been in school for 35 days and my parents have already helped to practice letter naming fluency and first sound fluency.  It was so rewarding for me to talk with parents and know that they totally understood the goals for these 2 Dibels components for the end of the year.  
If you are looking for some practice/progress monitoring tools to use with your class, check out our TPT store with all of our DIBELS products:
Letter Naming Fluency and First Sound Fluency 98 pages for just $2.50
Segmentation for only $2.00
Nonsense Words for only $2.00

Apple Centers are almost done.  We have been working hard on counting and cardinality.  We have worked on numbers 0-10 and 0-20 for those students who are ready for these numbers.  I will have to say that the students are having a blast with these centers.  Apple Themed Math Centers for $3.50 Great unit for strengthening their numbers.

Working hard on identifying our numbers.  This group was working on teen numbers.

This group was working on identifying numbers including some teen numbers.

Working on numbers 0-10 through spinners and a graphing paper.

Discussing with her partner which number she has the most of so far in the game.