Jan 27, 2013

Free February Behavior Chart

I have been busy the last couple of days getting ready for our 100th day of school.  Our 100th day is Tuesday and my kiddos are so excited.  I think I finally have them convinced that it is not the last day of school.  For the longest time they thought 100th day was the last day of school.  It took me awhile to show them that we have about that many more to finish off the year!  Aren't they too cute!!

While I was getting ready for 100th day, I realized that this Friday was February 1st which means another behavior chart.  If you would like a free copy of this behavior chart, then head on over to our TPT store to grab a free copy.  Just click on the chart below and it will link you right up to your free copy. 

This week we plan on posting fun pictures of our 100th day and more fun activities coming your way. 

Have a fun week!


Jan 21, 2013

MLK Word List Freebie

Just wrapped up my lesson plans for the week and decided we are going to wrap up our MLK unit with an informational writing.  We read a ton of books last week on MLK.  My kids love to use these word lists to help them spell words and to help them generate ideas of what to write about.  If you would like to have a copy of this for your classroom, download it on our TPT store for free.  Here is the direct link to the MLK Freebie:  MLK Freebie.  Clip art used for this MLK word list freebie was from Krista Wallden of Creative Clips.

Jan 12, 2013

Nonsense Word Freebie...We Are Feeling A Little Lovin'

After finishing up round 2 of Dibels right before Christmas, I looked over my scores and assessed what "intervention" my kids needed.  At this point one of the goals we are working on is being able to read NONSENSE words by the end of the year.  Right now many of my kids are working on sounding out each letter and then saying the word which is a step in the right direction.  

Knowing that the goal is that they can read the Nonsense word, I knew that I had to provided additional practice for them during center time.  So, SueBeth and I are working on putting together a additional DIBELS packet for me to use during centers.  We have more DIBELS packets in our TPT store to use in the classroom and for parent communication and support.  Right now my focus is on Nonsense Words since that will hit all of my kids. 

The good news for you all is that we are giving our first center game free to all of our blogging friends because we are feeling a little "lovin'" and way to give back to our friends. 

Thanks to Mealonheadz Illustrations and DJ Inkers for the clipart! 

This Nonsense packet can be picked up free here on our blog or head on over to our TPT store and grab it there, too.  Here is that direct link:  Nonsense Word Center Freebie on TPT.

Jan 8, 2013

Math Journals...What A Difference It Has Made

A couple weeks ago I took an evening "math" class for 4 nights.  I will have to say it totally changed how I do Math Journals in my classroom.  It was like the "LIGHT BULB" turned on for me with math journals.  In just 2-3 weeks, I have seen my kids improve greatly with their problem solving.  Here is what I do with my math journals:

We all bring our pencils and math journals over to the carpet area.  I have the students whisper read the journal on their own.  Once everyone is settled on the carpet, we read the problem together.  Then we go back and circle the key words/numbers  that will help them solve the problem.  I don't discuss with the students if the problem is addition, subtraction, or comparing numbers.  

As soon as we have read the problem, I send them back to their seats and set the timer for 5-6 minutes.  I call it GIVE ME 5.  The students solve the problem independently for 5 minutes on their own without any talking.  Once the timer goes off, they bring their journal over to the carpet area.  (NO PENCILS ALLOWED... so they don't change their answers)  

Then I call a random person to come up and explain how they solved the problem.  Once they are done, the student says are there any questions.  Then if there are questions, the student answers the questions.  If there are no questions or when the questions are done, we all clap for the person who shared.  I choose 3 "RANDOM" people at a time to share.

I don't only choose students who have the right answers.  Sometimes people have solved the problems wrong and someone will say where did you get '10' from.  If the student figures out that it is wrong, then we give him/her time to go back to fix it.  Once they have fixed it they bring it back over to share.   

I will share pictures this week of how the kids have been solving our math journal problems.  In just 3 weeks of doing math journal this way, I have seen the kids ask better questions from one another, solve problems differently, and become confident problem solvers.  I keep names of students I have called on each day so that I get to everyone explaining their answers at least every other week.

If you don't currently use a math journal in your classroom, check out our January Math Journal on TPT by clicking here for a direct link:  January Math Journal.  It is so easy to put together and only $2.00.    Just copy, staple, and it is ready to go!

How do you do your math journals?  We would love to know what works best for you and your class...