Sep 29, 2013

The Winner Is ...

Congratulations to Katie Lawson the winner of three David Shannon books including his newest book Bugs in My Hair.  We hope she enjoys them as much as we do!

Sep 25, 2013

A Chance To Win 3 Great David Shannon Books

When we were contacted about doing a great giveaway with David Shannon books, we were thrilled.  His latest book is called Bugs In My Hair.  You have got it, this book touches the "itchy" subject of lice.  The illustrations are awesome and the text does touch on the different areas that come with the itchy bug.  

My kids just love the No, David books so David Shannon is one of their favorites right now in kindergarten.  

Here is our giveaway for one lucky winner.  One lucky winner will receive all 3 of these David Shannon books:

Bugs In My Hair by David Shannon

A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

No, David! by David Shannon

In order to get a chance to win these 3 great titles, please leave us a post on our blog and don't forget to leave your email so that we can notify you that you are the lucky one!!  Our giveaway will end on Saturday, October 28 at midnight.
Good luck on winning these 3 great David Shannon books!!

Sep 21, 2013

First Sound Fluency Freebie

We just uploaded another set of First Sound Fluency cards on our TPT store.  Click (here) to have a direct link to this great freebie.  I have been using our first set(click here) for the past 20 days of school.  
I have the kids get a dry erase board, marker, and eraser.  I put the cards in my hand.  I use the cards to say the picture name.  Then as fast as they can they say the first sound. Then as soon as they say the first sound, they write the lowercase letter.  I use chart paper to model the correct formation of the letter.  Obviously some days we focus on capitals and the other days lowercase.  
I can honestly say that I am pretty excited to do my first DIBELS progress monitoring in the next week.  I have seen HUGE improvements with them understanding the first sounds and I have seen HUGE improvements in their handwriting along with their ability to write the letter correctly before I even show them how to write the letter correctly.
I told SueBeth that I definitely need another set for me to use because they are loving this "game" that we play every day.  I am sure that I could easily put a set in a center.  I could have them turn the picture cards over, pull a card, say the word, say the first sound, and then write the letter.  
These cards could even be used in a partner setting if that is how you want to use this activity.  One partner says the picture name while the other partner gives the first sound and writes the letter. 
There are so many uses for this first sound fluency freebie.  While you stop over at our TPT store, check out some of our great DIBELS products.  
Headed into school this weekend and plan on taking pictures of some of my evidence binders that some of you have been asking me to share with you.

Sep 19, 2013

Love My Signazon Magnets

When Michelle from Signazon contacted us about giving us a free product, of course we were thrilled.  My classroom theme this year is a TEAM theme, so I had already been working on making a design for magnets.  Michelle was AWESOME to work with on finalizing the creation of these magnets.  If you have not had the chance to see what Signazon offers, please click the following link to explore all of the different ways that they can help with projects in your classroom.  Signazon
Here is what my magnets look like from Signazon:
 I definitely can't wait to use Signazon in the near future with some additional fun projects for my classroom.
Thank you, Signazon!!!

Sep 15, 2013

2D Shapes Wrap Up, Apple Unit, and Custom Goal Boards

We have had a great time the last couple of weeks working on our 2D Shapes Unit.  The unit hits all Kindergarten Geometry Common Core Standards.  SueBeth and I created this unit last year and did not have to add any new things on for this year.  If you would like a fun 2D Shape Unit, then head on over to our TPT store and snatch up this unit.  After I finish up my 2D Shape Unit this week, I will head into our Apple Theme Math Unit.

 Flat Shape 2D Unit Can be found on our TPT by clicking this direct link:  Flat Shape 2D Unit on TPT.  Great buy for meeting all of your common core kindergarten geometry flat shape standards for only $8.00

Apple Themed Math Centers can be found on our TPT store by clicking this link:  TPT Apple Themed Math Centers. A great buy for $3.50.

As part of our Marzano expectations and evaluations, we are expected to have goals posted in our classroom.  So, over the summer SueBeth and I designed my goal board with a TEAM theme.  We had several people ask if we could do a custom design for them, and the answer is YES.  Teachers have been emailing us the specific goals that they want created and we are plugging them into their theme.  I did NOT create my goals with every common core standard.  I chose the main ones that are on my grade card so that the kids/parents are very familiar with these goals.  Send us an email if you are interested in us creating this EVIDENCE/Goal board for you!!

Sep 5, 2013

Student Learning Objectives(SLO's) and Marzano Evaluations Evidence Binders DONE!!

Sorry that it has been awhile since we have posted.  Both SueBeth and I were part of our district's SLO writing and presenting to kindergarten and second grade teachers.  So, we were very busy with preparing for these presentations along with school beginning at the same time.  The best CELEBRATION is that we both survived and feel that our district is definitely headed in the right direction.
For kindergarten, our SLO's are great because they are things that we have been doing for several years.  We chose one reading, one writing, and one math SLO for kindergarten.  We are going to use our DIBELS scores, a Kindergarten Math Screener, and our state's writing prompt.  
Our district also uses the Marzano Teacher Evaluation.  So, what I have also been doing lately is buying binders so that I can organize all of my data that will need to be collected for my SLO's and Evaluations.  
It's such a great feeling to have it all done and now all I have to do is insert things into my binders in the designated tabs.  
Here are what my binders look like:

 And the best part, there are even some more of these that I have already taken to school.  SueBeth and I worked together making different binder covers and spine covers to add a little "pizzazz" to the binders.
I have lots of pictures to share of fun learning going on in my classroom.  Stay tuned for pictures this weekend!! 
What do your SLO kindergarten assessments look like?  How are you organizing your evidence collections?!?!