May 26, 2014

Volunteer Gifts DONE!!

I told myself this weekend that I had to get 2 things done for school.  The first being grade cards need to be finished and the second being volunteer gifts completed.
Well, I am thrilled to say that I have both of these tasks finished and even did a few more things this weekend.
For my volunteer gifts this year, I wanted to go simple but yet let my volunteers know they were deeply appreciated.  So I went with an ice cream theme.

May 14, 2014

First Leadership Day Under Our Belt

WOW!!  What an exciting adventure this past Tuesday, May 13 was for our K-2 building.  We are in our second year of our Leader In Me process.  We all have visited other schools and knew that this year was going to be the year that we wanted to host a Leadership Day.  We are the Findlay Trojans and stuck with this theme for our Leadership Day so that there was not going to have to be a lot of extra decorating for this special day.  
Our day started at 9:30 and ended with a school wide town hall meeting at 2:00.  When we were finished, I asked every student in my class to share what their favorite part of the day was and boy did I feel proud of them:
Mrs. Drerup my favorite part was:
The whole school singing and signing We All Need Somebody To Lean On in the gym as our final event for our guests
I loved sharing my Data Binder with other people
I enjoyed greeting the people out front
I liked telling others about our bubble gum rubric and giving them a token to get a gumball for being an outstanding listener
I liked eating lunch in our classroom(gotta love this one)
I liked serving them lunch in the gym and throwing away the trash

Our entire K-2 students celebrating their April goals and singing We All Need Somebody To Lean On for our guests.
Students and our school mascot, Tommy Trojan, standing outside to greet our guests who are attending our first Leadership Day!!
If you wondered where we have been with blogging the last week, well it was helping to prepare for this special day and of course cleaning up my classroom for about 70 visitors to be coming through on this special day!  

I am proud of our school and our teachers for hosting such a fun leadership day and what a great feeling to watch our entire population shine~
 Well, only 12 more days to go and what a great feeling to know that my room is semi clean!  Up next our K-5 sister school Leadership Extravaganza and Kindergarten Graduation!!  Woo-hoo!!

May 5, 2014

TPT Sale May 6 and 7

We are teaming up with TPT and putting our entire TPT store on sale.  What a great way to help celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!

Some of our popular items include:
Math Journals:
We have one for each month that are very easy to make and cover the common core math standards.  
May Math Journal is just one of our Math journals 
DIBELS items are GREAT sellers for us:
Nonsense Words
Nonsense Homework Practice
Letter Naming Fluency Homework Pages
These are great items to use at the beginning of the year through the end of the year.  Great way to involve parents and differentiate with your students!!!

May 1, 2014

Math Journals Evaluated On Our Marzano Bubble Gum Rubric

We have worked hard all year long on evaluating our work in kindergarten using our Bubble Gum Rubric.  SueBeth and I made this rubric based around Marzano's framework of students and teachers using a rubric to evaluate work.  Our school also just purchased a bubble gum machine for students to get a LARGE piece of bubble gum if they score a 4 on the rubric.  
I just graded our April Math Journals and I am going to have some excited students tomorrow.  Here are just a few students that I feel earned a 4 on the bubble gum rubric.  I feel their problem solving skills went above and beyond!!
This student read the directions, checked when the task was finished, and followed the directions perfectly.  Ignore the word purple that came through on this page because it was a crayon resistant from another page!!

Love this students neatness, organization, and going above and beyond by showing 2 ways to solve the problem!!!

This student showed one way to sort flowers.  They not only drew pictures, they labeled them to show how they sorted the objects.  They also used our color word wall to assist their spelling!!!

This one has to just crack you up!!  Not only are there 2 ways that the problem was solved, but the bottom picture just made me smile ... showing that only one of the ducks was standing in the water.

These April Math journals can also be found in our TPT store.  We have created a math journal for all months.  Check out our May Math Journal in our TPT store:  May Math Journal.   All of our math journals can just be popped into the copier, stapled, and then they are ready to go for 20 days!!!

 We have also designed stamps through Vistaprint that I use to show the evaluation of their work.  I also have one that they do a self evaluation and then I put my evaluation.  I can truly say they are pretty much on target of what score their work receives using the bubble gum rubric.

Our Bubble Gum Rubric is on sale on our TPT store and works at any grade level and any subject.  Our school adopted it school wide for great consistency throughout our building.  Check it out at our store:  Bubble Gum Rubric .

Keeping checking back as we will share more pictures, products, and student samples of evaluating student work using our rubric based around Marzano's evaluation framework!!