Dec 6, 2015

Math Journals and Snowman Parent Gift Done!

Each month my students do a math journal that we read and discuss together.  We decide on key words/numbers that are needed to help us solve the problem with precision!  Each month I collect these math journals to look over their work.  I will have to say that each month I am impressed by what they are doing with math story problem.  At the beginning of the year there is lots of modeling.  Towards the middle of the year, there is very little help, and by the end of the year they are independent math problem solvers.  Here is a peek of what I found in grading my November Math Journals:
We have been talking about organization lately and this student definitely showed organization.

Love the picture, number, and number bonds to solve this word problem.

This particular problem shows comparing numbers.

Another comparing problem...gotta love the ears of corn illustration, too!!

A subtraction problem, but I just had to post this one because I ABSOLUTELY love this picture!!

3D or solid shapes are a great review in our November Math Journal. 

You still have time to grab your December Math Journal.  It is soooooo easy.  You place all 20 pages in the copier, hit print, staple, and you are done for the entire month!!  Since this is our focus item this week, we have it on sale in our TPT store until Tuesday, December 8.  You can grab it for $1.60.  Here is the direct link:  December Math Journal.
My parent projects are ALL DONE!!!  Thanks to an awesome student teacher who wrapped up her student teaching experience last week.  She helped me finish up our adorable Snowman Posts that I sent home on Friday.  I wanted to do a "winter theme" so that they could keep it up until February/March.  I got a text from one of my mom's that after her husband read the poem, he cried!!  I was inspired to make these from DeeDee Wills.  Check out her information on our last post about how to make them.  Here is what mine looked like:
 Up this week is Elf on the Shelf much fun~

Nov 28, 2015

Snowman Bulbs Handprint 2015 Tags Freebie On TPT...Snowman Theme Parent Gifts

The past few years we have been making snowman handprint bulbs for part of our parent gifts.  The parents absolutely love them and they are so easy to make with each student. This picture came from Pinterest on the bulbs:

We have updated the year on this freebie tag on our TPT store.  Click on this link to grab your freebie:  Snowman Christmas Ornament Tag For Parent Gift Freebie.

I am doing a snowman parent gift Christmas theme this year.  I am having the students make these snowman bulbs and making Mrs. Wills' Wooden Fence Post Snowmen.  We are making both the bulbs and fence posts this week so pictures will come your way.  I have also made a 2015 tag for the daring fence post snowman.  

Guess what my husband gets to do tomorrow...cut the posts the height of each student.  I can't wait to see how these turn out this week!! 

Nov 15, 2015

Pilgrim Children Chores and Chore Cards

Last year I saw Julie Lee's post on Pilgrim Children Chores.  I saw it after Thanksgiving break last year and put it on my to do list for this coming year.  So, when we were planning for Pilgrim week this year, I knew this needed to be on my to do list.  We did 4 stations one day and they did each station for 15 minutes.  The kids absolutely loved it and they synergized together on a couple of the stations.  

They loved sewing and thought it was kind of hard work!

Fishing for the family was a definite hit. 
Picking berries was another fun chore that they enjoyed.  I painted some boards green, put stickers where they could put the berries.  They had to put the berries on the tree, pick the berries, and of course some of them pretended to eat some of the berries because they thought it was tiring work.

They loved this station of stuffing their mattresses.  I took plastic grocery bags and they synergized together stuffing it.

This was not on the to do list, but these two thought they needed to try out how soft their mattress was after stuffing it.  They voted to keep their bed at home.
 We had them choose their favorite chore and it was close.  The one with the most votes was fishing.  I would say after a week of learning about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower they definitely put a lot of items on the schema side of their brain.  We first had it in new learning, but I can say it is "stuck" in their mind now for good!!  
Thanks, Julie for helping us with some great activities.
I made some fun pilgrim chore cards and word list to go with this fun week.  We plan on posting these cards soon on TPT.
This past week we worked on Native Americans.  We will post some of those pictures soon!!

Oct 27, 2015

Veterans Day Word List and Word Cards RIght Around the Corner

With it being the end of October, reality has set in that November is going to be here real soon.  So, I started thinking about what units we will do in the 3 weeks we have school in November.  Yes, I did say 3 weeks.  We get the whole week of Thanksgiving off because we choose 3 nights in early October once a week to hold our fall conferences.  It's tiring, but it is well worth it!!
So, one of the things we do in November is talk about Veterans Day.  We use a word list and word cards in our writing center along with our journal time.  You can find this product in our TPT store by clicking on the following words: Veterans Day.


Oct 7, 2015

September Math Journals...So MUCH precision

We just wrapped up our September Math Journals last week.  After I looked through all of the math journals, I was so proud of all of the "extra" learning that went on during these daily journals.  We work on a lot of the Standards For Mathematical Practices.  We discuss a lot about precision.  We all should have the same answers some of the time, but may go about solving them in several different ways.  We love to share the different ways we solve problems.  It's a great way to get mathematical discussion going in your classroom!!  There are 20 pages in each monthly journal and they are soooooooo easy to copy.  No cutting, no gluing...just putting it into the copier and staple.  Then it's done for the entire month!  Here are some samples from September:
On this specific page, we reviewed the word hexagon, talked about how many side and vertices/corners, talked about the word 5 frame on the top, talked about it being a 10 frame, talked about how to fill it out from top to bottom left to the right, wrote our numbers to reinforce our precision, circled key words that helped us solve the word problem, and FINALLY solved the problem!  TONS OF LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES in just 1 page!!

Talked about the 5 frame going vertical instead of horizontally and how to fill it out top to bottom left to the right, discussed key vocabulary words to help solve the problem and circled them, wrote our numbers to 4 saying our math jingles.

Reviewed sorting from our Bridges math unit, discussed all the different ways we sorted apples from the week before, and discussed how to organize our data so that our readers could see neatly how we organized our data.

We discussed that these were not 10 frames, but modeled how to count blocks to make sure that we counted them all.  Discussed how writing numbers in the boxes reassured our precision, and discussed how to double check over our work to make sure we counted correctly.  Finally they wrote their findings on the provided line.  We also got to practice number writing again!!
 As you can see, this math journal time is full of sooooooo many math items that the kids can absorb in just 10 minutes or less!!  We are encouraging you to try out October's Math Journal so we are putting it on sale starting today:  Wednesday, October 7-Saturday, October 10.  Here is the direct link for the October's Math Journal:  click here. 
 We have put it on sale for $1.60.  It is originally $2.00. 

Oct 1, 2015

Weather Unit Finished

My kids absolutely loved our weather unit.  Each day we read weather books and talked about different kinds of weather.  After talking about the weather we did 2 pages in our weather booklets.  We also used our word list to discuss weather vocabulary.  Here is a link to both of these items.  Our word cards have been updated recently.  
Weather and Season Word Cards and Word List for only $1.00.
Crafty Weather Unit for only $5.00.

Here are just a few of the samples from our booklets that we made this year.  We sang a tune and they loved reading/singing the weather song. 

Sep 26, 2015

Math Journals Developing Problem Solving Skills

Our district is using a new math program called Bridges.  I am loving all of the components of this program and the students are becoming quite independent with the work places.  I am also doing the monthly math journals that SueBeth and I created a couple of years ago.  These are so easy to make, just print and they are ready to go.  
Each day the students and I read the problem.  Once we read the problem, we go back and the students decide which words help them solve the problem and which words are what we call "fluff".  There are 20 pages in each month.  I do send them home after each month so that parents can see all of the problem solving that we have been doing.  Our district uses the state math diagnostic test as our SLO and the students do amazing on this test I feel due to all of the problem solving they have done each and every day.  
We are putting these math journals on sale starting today, Saturday, October 26 through Monday October 28.  We have not yet bundled these so you do have to buy each individual month.
These journals typically run $2.00 for each month, but you can get them now through Monday night for $1.60. gluing, cutting, etc. all you need to do is throw them in the copier and they are done.  I do mine each summer for the entire year!! 
Here is the direct link to our TPT store which is also on our side bar:  Busy Bees TPT Store. 

Sep 1, 2015

Sketch Pads Ready

I just wrapped up making my Sketch pads for my kindergarten students.  I plan on using these several ways in my classroom.  Several students arrive in the morning as soon as the bell rings and get their "jobs" done leaving with them about 10 free minutes until the tardy bell rings.  A great friend, yes that's you Kim, suggested that I try these out in my classroom.  I think I am going to love them!!  The "rule" is only one page a "morning" and they must go left to right in the booklet.  I will also put them as a choice in my writing center once I open it up in the next week.  I love telling them that they are like authors and illustrators and have to have a sketch pad to write/draw their ideas so they don't forget them!  Maybe I need a sketch pad when I head upstairs and can't remember why I went upstairs!!  ha, ha

You have gotta love a husband who will help you cut the composition notebooks and a fabulous student teacher who helps you laminate the front covers!! Gotta love teamwork~

Aug 28, 2015

Bridges Math In Kindergarten and 7 Habits

Our district adopted Bridges Math for grades K-5.  We have been using it this week and the students absolutely love it.  We did a lot of sorting this week and really focused hard on the word attribute.  Today we all got to take off one shoe and discussed different ways to sort our shoes.  The students love think-pair-share to discuss different attributes with their friends.  Work places is another component of the Bridges Math.  The students loved exploring some new work places "centers" this week.  Number corner is another component of the program.  I was amazed at how much they absorbed this week of five frames, ten frames, and counting on from the 5 frame.  I think I am going to love this new math program!
Next week we will start our September Math Journals...check out our TPT store for a great easy math journal to help your students become great problem solvers!!
Since we are a Leader In Me School, we have been introducing the 7 habits this past week.  We read a book for each habit and did some kind of fun activity to help remind us of this habit.  The students loved signing their name to our kindergarten pledge.  


Aug 13, 2015

TEAM Monthly Goal Posters Posted In TPT

We have had many requests to put our TEAM monthly posters on TPT.  Well, we are happy to announce we did it!!!  These posters are editable, too!!  Here is how I use them~

Monthly Goals Placed In Homework Binder:
After the students and I write up our monthly goals and place them on my monthly TEAM poster in my room, I type them up (editable component in our TPT packet) and put them in a clear page protector.  I then place them into each child's homework binder in the front.  This allows parents to know about our monthly TEAM goals.

Monthly Goals In Room On Poster
I took these pages from TPT and had Walgreens make them into posters for me.  I believe I used the 16x20 size.  It is perfect because I bought a CHEAP poster frame and placed these monthly posters in the the frame.  This allows me to use a visa-via marker and write the goals with the kids.  When we are done, I can erase the marker from the poster frame and put the next month in the frame.  This allows me to buy the monthly posters one time and be able to use them ALL YEAR long!!!

Data Binders:
At the end of the month, I take out the monthly TEAM goal sheets from each child's homework binder.  We take them out of the clear pouch and place them into their Data Binders. 

Reflection For Data Binder:
At the end of the month, we reflect on how we did as a class on our TEAM monthly goals.  I use a chart piece of paper to write our results.  Once our results are in, I type up the results and send it home to parents so they can see how we have SCORED.  I also put this write up in the DATA Binder behind the monthly goal sheet.

Focus Wall
These goal sheets also go along with my focus wall.  I take my goals from my grade card and have them on my focus wall.  Then we keep "score" on how we are doing on these objectives.  The kids are self monitoring on how they feel they are doing on the goals.  Then once I assess the students on the goals, I write down our results on our SCORE CARD!!!

I will take pictures of all of this and post it today for you to see all of this in action!

Here is the direct link on TPT to purchase our Monthly Goal Charts:  click here.

Aug 9, 2015

Goal Celebrations For Kindergarten Using A Spirit Celebration Bin

The last 2 years I have had a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) theme in my classroom.  Every year I have added more things to it which has been making it pretty easy to create a new classroom look each year.  
We just got back from a week of vacation tonight, but I started working on my to do list for tomorrow!  
We love to celebrate all kinds of goals in our classroom.  We love to celebrate when we reach a goal as a class and when individuals reach their individual goals.  So, I designed/created a celebration bin that we can use when we reach our goals.  I had ordered some things last year from Oriental Trade and used some other items to create our Spirit Celebration Bin!  We also do a Spirit Team at our school as one of our Leadership Teams and these will come in quite handy for that team!!
I used my Cricut machine, a black laundry basket from Wal-Mart, and some scrap ribbon and tulle to create the Spirit Celebration Bin.  I did 2 celebrate sides, so that is why there are only 3 sides showing.  
I will be posting TONS of pictures this week as my room needs to be done by Thursday!!  
We have had several people ask about whether or not we can put our TEAM goal sheets on TPT...well your wishes have come true as SueBeth and I have been working on this packet to make it editable.  I will post pictures tomorrow of these goal sheets and posters that I created last year.  The posters were copied last week and are ready to go again this year!!!  


Jul 29, 2015

Wrapping Up...Getting Closer To Being Finished!!

We start school on August 17, with our family leaving soon on our vacation I know that I need to have my room done in the next few days.  So, I have been wrapping some things up.  
Here are what my boards in my window looked like after I spray painted them black and added some border.

A side view of the 4 "bulletin boards" that I have in my classroom.

Here is what the fall bulletin board looks like after it has been updated.

Here is the summer board.

Spring board~

Winter board~

Popcorn Goal board finished except for once students have reached their goal, they will write their name on a piece of popcorn.  The side board will be for our behavior monthly goal accomplishments.

Another view of this board.

This monthly behavior goal accomplishment is almost done.  I love it because it will be done for the year!!!  Need to add one more thing today and it will be done!!
 Well, headed back into school this morning to wrap up a few more things.  I usually head out by noon because it has been pretty hot around here lately.  I will definitely take and share more pictures of what I wrap up for today!!

Jul 21, 2015

Bridges Number Corner Almost Done

Yes, I am able to get into my classroom and I love it.  We are going on vacation the first week of August, so getting my room ready is becoming a necessity!  
Our district adopted the Bridges Math Series for the upcoming school year.  One of the components of this series is Number Corner each day.  I knew it took up a lot of space, so I had to do some thinking of where I was going to put it in my classroom.  I also wanted it to blend in with my new "colorful room" theme.  As of yesterday, I am about 90% done with it.  I think I am almost there.  I forgot to show in these pictures how I am going to keep track of how many days we have been in school component. 
My goal is to go into school each day this week in the morning to work in my classroom so that it is ready.  Of course my other goal is to hit the pool in the afternoon.  Ohio has FINALLY been blessed with summer weather!!!