Jun 27, 2015

Toolbox Done and I LOVE IT!!!

Since most of my summer meetings are finished, I thought it was time to wrap up some unfinished work.  One of the first up projects was completing my toolbox that I am going to use this coming school year.  
I designed some labels and laminated them.  Instead of using Modge Podge that I had seen on Pinterest, I just used 2 pieces of clear tape on each side.  I thought I was done, but I saw some Washi Tape laying around and decided to add that to the handles.  I absolutely love it and I am thinking about making another one!!!
Can you tell from my labels that I LOVE post it notes?!?!

Jun 23, 2015

Rockin Our Color Shoes...Pete the Cat Bulletin Board, Word Wall, and Booklet

I decided one of my summer projects was to update my color bulletin board set that I had placed above the windows in my classroom.  I thought this would be an easy task...well updating the border and bulletin board background was easy.  The biggest "issue" was finding a color word set that I thought was cute.  So, I decided to make one myself.  I designed a Pete the Cat set that can be used as a bulletin board area.  It could also be used at a word wall area or center area.  I designed it so that it could also be copied and used as a booklet to review color words.  I don't have my bulletin board completed yet, but here is a picture of the set I designed.
Click here to see this product on our TPT store:  Rockin' Our Color Shoes.

I hope to have this bulletin board area done later this week and will post pictures. 
Next up on the to do list...creating and updating some of our phonemic awareness center areas along with some reading/writing activities.

Jun 5, 2015

Poem Booklets and Integrating Hunks/Chunks

We have used Poem booklets for many years.  The students absolutely love poems.  There are soooooo many things that you can incorporate while you are working with poems.  I love to work on fluency and reading with expression.  One of the strongest things are readers that comes out of this time is finding vowel rules, looking for hunks, and chunks, using context to help with unknown words, etc.  The skills are UNLIMITED!!  
First we read through the poem working on fluency and expression.
The second time through we work on buttering (using a highlighter) popcorn words and/or words we should know.  I love this discussion as kids will say we should know that word it only has 2 letters, 3 letters in in, it's a CVC word, that's a CVCE words, etc...such POWERFUL discussion.
The last thing we do is pretend that we are an illustrator working in his/her studio and for 5 minutes we illustrate the poem without any talking.  I even set the timer...they absolutely LOVE it.  It is totally amazing how much work they can get done in 5 minutes.  I even illustrate with them in my booklet, but I do some "talking out loud" as I am illustrating providing them with meaning of what I am drawing.
You can find our collection of poems in our TPT store.  Click here to check it out.  We have put it on sale until Sunday, June 7 at midnight.  You can grab it for $4.00, throw it in the copier, and your collection of songs/poems is finished for the year!!!


Jun 2, 2015

End of the Year Journal Writing Collection

 Click here to find our Journal Cover Pages on our TPT store. 
 It is originally $2.00 and we have discounted these Writing Journal Cover Pages to $1.60.  It is on sale until midnight Thursday, June 4.  The cover on TPT does NOT say kindergarten so it can be used for any grade level.